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About This Project

A group of 15 students from Szkoła Techniczna Zakładu Doskonalenia Zawodowego in Gniezno from Poland arrived to Seville in March to carry out their 2-week internship as Ports and Terminals Services Operators.

The students had opportunity to use virtual simulator of ships, deal with the main documents related to the maritime transport and learn how to organize the different tasks carried out in a port. Moreover, they were able to work with other Spanish trainees. They could compare both ways of work. Surely, this experience enriched them culturally and professionally.

In addition, the group visited Cadiz, where they were able to enjoy the great weather and the ocean. During their free time, the group explored Seville’s narrow streets and some places like Plaza de España, Metropol Parasol, María Luisa Park, Military Museum, Museum of Illusions, Cathedral of Seville, Giralda and much more monuments!


Dominik Bagrowski

During my internships I attended to lectures on maritime transport and logistics. From the lectures I learned a lot of interesting things about the operation of ports, what they consist of, and how work is carried out in them. Our lecturers were very kind and open to any questions related to the topic. One of the elements of our internship was a visit a Spanish logistics school where we learned about their methods and the documents they use. The students there were very helpful and willing to explain things we did not understand. There was never a dull moment in Sevilla. We visited many nice and interesting locations there. A simple walk around the city gave us great pleasure. Two days we had the opportunity to go to Cadiz where we spent a nice time on the beach. The residence where we stayed had everything we needed and had very nice staff who were always willing to help.

Marta Świątek

The Erasmus project was a new experience for me. I could meet new friends and enrich my knowledge. We visited two ports during our internishp. We did logistical tasks with students from a Spanish school. We enriched our knowledge of containers and maritime transport. We learned all about the history of the port of Seville. In our free time we visited beautiful places including Plaza de España and the cathedral. We also went to the museum of illusion, which was very cool.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-PL01-KA122-VET-000072499
Number of participants: 15
Country: Gniezno, Poland

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