A perfect group of IT, electronics, and electrics students from Warsaw on internship in Úbeda | Euromind
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About This Project

16 students from Warsaw studying to become IT, ICT, electrical and electronic specialists came to Úbeda in October for a month-long internship.


The students carried out their internships in local companies, where they dealt with, among other things, website design, repairing IT equipment or installing electrical networks in public buildings. Under the watchful eye of their mentors, they not only acquired new professional skills, but also honed their language skills and ability to work as part of a team, or the exact opposite – they had to learn to work alone.


They lived in the euromind residence in Úbeda, where, despite the autumn time, they were still able to enjoy the almost summer weather and the swimming in the pool.


The students spent their time after their placements learning Spanish, which they put to good use for example during the excursion to Córdoba, where they had the opportunity to enter a cathedral-mosque with an extremely rich history and captivating architecture.


We are sure it was time very well spent for them and the memories of it will remain for a long time!


Oskar Bujak

At first, I was really intrigued because of the siesta, Spanish people are not working for three hours, and barely any shops are open. However, after a few days, I started liking it and got used to it. I worked in a company that produces and operates weighing scales. I was creating a brand new website for them. My tutor was helping me with it, and when I was done he said that he really liked it! We lived in a nice house and had great food. In our free time, we liked to walk and visit new places. We also played football against one of the tutors! We had a swimming pool, and we swam in it in November, which we would never do in Poland, and it will last in my memory for a long time. I really enjoyed my time in Ubeda, and if it would be possible I would stay there for another month.

Michał Czarnecki

I really wanted to go to Spain because it is a beautiful country that I wanted to visit. I really liked the people who were very open-minded. I worked in an electronic company for which I did repair services. I found a very nice tutor who speaks English very well. In my free time, The food was very good. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to go to such a wonderful country and participate in this project.

Oskar Klimczuk

I really enjoyed the time that I spent in Ubeda. I love Spanish culture and its way of being. I was working in computer service. I really liked my co-workers, because they were really nice to me. In my free time, I saw a lot of Spanish architecture in different cities. Thanks for giving me that chance to improve myself.



Project Details

Project Title: Z dobrą praktyką w przyszłość
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-064452
Number of participants: 16
Country: Warszawa, Poland

All Projects, Electricians, Electronics, IT, Web Development, Webdesign
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