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About This Project

At the beginning of April a group of 4 enthusiastic Belgian retail assistants made their way to Sevilla to enroll in a month-long traineeship at two well-renowned, local department stores. During their stay they were given the opportunity to witness first hand what their day-to-day job as a retailer would look like. By actively participating they managed to improve their professional skills and knowledge.


Their main tasks included the following:


  • Customer service (meet and greet clients and visitors).
  • Implementing the 10% discount over the total price when necessary by checking first the customer’s ID or passport.
  • Estimating the VAT over the total price of the customers’ purchase
  • Changing the product’s exhibition.
  • Caring about neatness and order in the store


After one month of hard work these four Belgian trainees gained some very valuable experience and professional knowledge which will help them in their future job search. But besides their dedication at work, the girls still had enough spare time to enjoy the beautiful sights of Sevilla. And they also took part in a Spanish course.



Chaymae Youb:

‘First of all, I love the city of Seville, it is a really beautiful place. I have been working here over the past four weeks in El Corte Inglés, a place I really like. It is a great place for me to be taking my internship because I had to deal with customers from many different nationalities and my work colleagues are very kind and patient with me. We spent a great amount of time with our teacher exploring the city. We have visited amongst other places like the Cathedral, and Plaza de España, where I sailed on a little boat with my colleagues. Overall, I am really happy with this experience because it has helped me improve my sales skills. It has been a wonderful opportunity.’


Gabita Débora Marghidan:

‘I love the city of Seville because it is a big city full of history with beautiful landmarks. We have visited the Cathedral, both inside and out, and it is simply magnificent! Regarding my work placement, I am very happy with it. It is a great opportunity for me to learn new things on a daily basis in terms of the Spanish language and customer service. At the beginning the adaptation was somewhat tough, because of the language barrier but I really enjoy the way Spanish people speak as well as their kindness.’



Project Details

Project Title: Les sandales de Mercure
Project Number: 2015-1-BE01-KA102-013124
Number of participants: 4
City & country: Brussels (Belgium)

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