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About This Project

Three guys came to Malaga to do traineeship work in a professional laboratory. In this practice, the boys were able to experience with their own hands what it is like to work in a laboratory and learn new tools at the same time, and do not know how to take them with them once back to Poland.
The laboratory  in a site is a very professional place of high competence that is dedicated to check-ups, basic sports
Together with the morning practice, they completed a basic level Spanish course that allowed the boys to learn to move around the city independently.



Mikołaj Truszczyński

Malaga is a very nice city, and it was great to live here for a month. I visited many beautiful places
here, such as the viewpoint or the beach, but also interesting historical places, such as the Alcazaba.

Beata Filipek

During the practices, I have gained a lot of new experience and learned many things. In the workplace,
people were very helpful and friendly.

Maciej Dąbrowski

I have learned a lot of new things during the practices. The atmosphere was nice, our tutor and employees were very polite and helpful.




Project Details

Project Title:Zespół Szkół Chemicznych i Ogólnoksztalcacych im. Jedrzeja Sniadeckiego w Olsztynie
Project Number:2019-1-PL01-KA102-063237
Number of participants: 3
Country: Poland,

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