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About This Project

Carina, a German teacher of vocational education, spent two weeks in October 2015 in Spain visiting two local school to learn more about their teaching methods. She focused mostly on the tools they use when working with special needs children.


She observed several similarities and differences between the two centres and the school she teaches at, such as:




  • Institution School
  • Work with handicapped persons with a clear option for inclusive education
  • Work in urban environments with similar problems
  • Focus pointed on integration through workplaces




  • In supporting younger people with handicaps:
  • Differentiated teaching in the main subjects, languages, and mathematics.
  • Remedial teaching in small groups or, if needed, individual training
  • Including classes with double occupation and individual learning grids.
  • Classes are totally virtual designed (SE), while in Hamburg they are still developing the digital journals


Overall, Carina gave us very positive feedback and we hope she has been able to implement some of the techniques she saw in her own centre.


Carina Pöhlsen:

‘I reflected on the educational arrangements for students with handicaps. I got to know a different way of providing vocational training. My linguistic knowledge improved and I experienced the Spanish family culture.’






Project Details

Project Title: Arbeit und Leben Hamburg
Project Number: 2014-1-DE02-KA102-000024
Number of participants: 1
City & country: Hamburg (Germany)

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