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About This Project

During the last week of Febuary 2016, 8 Croatian teachers from Split and Dubrovnik paid several visits to local Sevillian vocational schools to compare their way of teaching. The 8 teachers of mechanical and electrical engineering visited three local colleges and a solar power plant just outside the city of Seville.


One of their impressions:


‘We have seen several examples of schools with excellent equipment and facilities and would really like to make an improvement in our schools in Croatia. The theoretical and practical lessons are always combined to put into practice the knowledge they acquire.’


Furthermore, they stated having seen many useful projects and techniques they would also like to implement, like the building of a e-buggy and the introduction of new classes, such as web development. Overall, the teachers left with very positive impressions of the centers they visited and with new creative ideas for their own.


About the first center they visited:


‘We learnt about teacher motivation and also how to keep our students motivated through European Exchange Programmes like Erasmus+. We also learnt about possible applications of solar energy that is offered to other schools for training and education, yet it is not offered to secondary education students. We would like to develop a similar training model and integrate our schools facilities in Erasmus+ projects by hosting potential exchange students. We are also very much interested in the solar self-efficient house.’



Project Details

Project Title: Clean Energy for Nicer Europe
Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012933
Number of participants: 8
City & country: Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, VET Teachers