Job shadowing: How can Spanish education model inspire Slovak schools | Euromind
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Project Details

Project Title: Better education, better future.
Project Number: 2018 – 1 – SK01 – KA102 - 046253
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Považská Bystrica, Slovakia

All Projects, VET Teachers
About This Project

In October 2018, we had the pleasure to host two teachers from Považská Bystrica (Slovakia), who came to Seville to learn more about Spanish vocational education and to compare it with the Slovak one, discovering their differences and similarities in order to get an inspiration of how to incorporate some methods into Slovak schooling system.


During their training they were able to:


  • To learn different methodologies for developing new tools and applications for learning in order to improve quality of VET education
  • To analyze and compare school curriculum and techniques in Slovakia and Spain
  • To understand Spanish educational system of VET schools and their schooling system in general
  • To identify the importance of international cooperation in such projects
  • To improve own skills as a teacher and thus improve the interaction between students and teachers
  • To improve their language abilities and verify their knowledge
  • To learn how to better intertwine theory and practice by observing the classes and students’ work ethic


According to their opinion, the whole project was at a very professional level, showing them the practical and theoretical side of the Spanish schooling system. It was also important to gain greater awareness of European citizenship, mobility, training and work, leading to greater openness of horizons, as well as to improve language skills. Thanks to their coordinators, they also got to enjoy their free time, filled with a lot of interesting activities like a one day trip to Malaga, Flamenco show or walking tour around the beautiful city of Seville.


After their training, they are planning on to integrate the team work practices more intensely as they deem it more effective for their students. What is more, from now on they are planning to establish further cooperation with the other schools. In conclusion, the project was very beneficial and enriching for both sides which will definitely use their newly-gained knowledge in the near future.