Job shadowing: Belgian teachers in vocational education | Euromind
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About This Project

During their week in Seville in March 2017, 2 Belgian teachers of vocational education visited two vocational school to compare their school systems. They visited the mechanics, electronics, electricity, telecommunications and solar energy workshops, participated in both theory as practical classes with the students, had talks with the dean, Erasmus+ coordinator of one of the schools and the students, and were so able to ask all the questions they had on their mind.


After a week of active observing, both teachers were left with a very good impression of vocational education in Seville. Mostly the relaxed lifestyle in combination with the motivation of the students and the trial-and-error methodology in class left them with new ideas for their own classes. We hope the teachers had a great stay in the Andalusian capital and that they will take their new impressions to their centre in Belgium.


Saïd Dakkar:

‘The visit has been a great richness for me, whether we’re talking about the exchange of good pedagogical and organisational techniques between the schools or about the human relations between our centre and the centres in Seville. This kind of project is a powerful levier for the growth of the citizens of the different European countries.’



Project Details

Project Title: Skills on the road
Project Number: 15MP0002
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Brussels (Belgium)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, Electronics, Renewable energies, Telecommunications, VET Teachers