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About This Project

For one week in March 2015, 5 professionals from Kaunas, Lithuania, stayed in Seville to have a look at different centers of professional education. During their four study visits, they observed the working of the schools and centers that provide vocational training to students from sometimes poor or deprived neighbourhoods to see what the biggest differences and similarities are between the Spanish and the Lithuanian system, and to observe which possible improvements could be made in their own center.


Their overall impressions were very positive and we are sure their stay was both interesting for the local centers as for themselves. Some of their impressions:


‘We saw excellent communication between student and teachers, found out about very interesting project “Next to you” in which a teacher works with a student and their families. He is like a personal helper. We will try to make a similar project “Next to you” in which we’ll work with students who need to increase their social skills. We will look for volunteers as this job will not be paid. Also, the class teacher should give one lesson a week (or a month) about social skills and how to develop them.’


‘We saw that even the work with the most vulnerable groups can be effective and rewarding. We were inspired by the teacher’s job which is not always paid but rewarding in an other, emotional level. Lots of materials are hand made in order to motivate children. We will try to make more material ourselves, especially for children in need.’



Project Details

Project Title: Intercultural comparative analysis of social skills training experience for socially excluded children
Project Number: 2014-1-LT01-KA101-000292
Number of participants: 5
City & country: Kaunas (Lithuania)

All Projects, Social work, VET Teachers