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About This Project

Hello World! Polish trainees develop mobile apps


In the autumn of 2016, 16 Polish trainees left their home country for an IT adventure in Spain. The students stayed for a period of two ways and carried out an internship developping mobile apps and improving their IT skills. Their main tasks included:


  • Installation and configuration of: IDE (Eclipse); software of Emulation on Virtual Mobile Devices (Genymotion)
  • Creation of the first Android project “Hello World!”
  • Implementation of navigation between two screens of the app by explicit Intent
  • Use of: implicit Intent for the launching of actions that are external to the app; Intent-filter for the execution of actions with our own app
  • Design of an interface with the different types of Lay-outs: RelativeLayout, LinearLayout, TableLayout
  • Forms and menus design (of options, contextual)


To make the experience truly memorable, the trainees were taken on a study visit to the first crowdworking centre of the Andalucia Open Future project, a place where start-ups get technological, logistical, business and legal support before promoting their product on the market.


Next to that, they also had the opportunity to visit Seville, to travel to Cadiz, and to learn some Spanish during their Spanish classes.


Dawid AjnbacherDawid Ajnbacher:

‘The most useful skill that I gained on the apprenticeships is programming in java, creating android programs. I guess it’s really important nowadays. The tutor helped us to understand how it all works. Besides I could improve my Spanish.’

Michał Juja1

Michał Juja:

‘I really enjoyed this type of lessons. Miguel was very friendly and helpful. I learnt about developing Android applications, which was truly interesting. I would recommend that project to every IT student. It was a great opportunity to learn something new in a different way.’



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczne praktyki zawodowe szansą na zbudowanie kariery zawodowej na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-015360
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Poznań (Poland)

All Projects, Electronics, IT, Telecommunications