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About This Project

On the eve of Halloween, we had the pleasure to welcome a group of 18 Polish students from the Zespół Szkół Technicznych im. płk Gwidona Langera. All students were looking forward to not going to school for a while and working as CNC Operators in Spain. During their two-week internship at a Vocational College in Seville, they were able to improve their existing skills and gain some extra knowledge and competences in the field. Their tasks included, amongst others:


– programming CNC machines

– design of 3D parts using a computer and CAD/CAM software

– understand the machining process using a computer and CAD/CAM software

– create a simulation and verification of the machining process using a computer and CAD/CAM software

– CNC lathe machine operation

– CNC milling machine operation


Next to that, the trainees enjoyed a football match with the local students, improved their Spanish skills and discovered some of the country while walking in the streets of Seville and visiting the macaques of Gibraltar. All in all we believe they had a very good experience here.



Przemysław Handzel

Przemysław Handzel

‘I am very happy that I had an opportunity to take part in a professional training. Participation in a training will be useful in the future when I will look for a job. I am going to use CATIA programme in the future. The teacher was prepared perfectly to the lessons. We have also learned basics of Spanish language.’

 Tomasz Idziniak 

Tomasz Idziniak

‘Thanks this trip I met a culture, I saw beautiful views and I saw the usual life of the people. I am very happy about that because the life of the Spanish people is different to the one of the Polish. I also had the possibility to learn the Spanish language, which I am very proud of. The courses were very interesting and profesional.’



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie praktyki trampoliną do sukcesu młodych techników
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-015390
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Cieszyn (Poland)

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