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About This Project

In September of 2018, 16 Polish trainees left their home country for an IT adventure in Spain. The students stayed for a period of two weeks and carried out an internship developing mobile apps and improving their IT skills. Their main tasks included:

  • Getting to know the company tutor and the team
  • Introduction to programming mobile devices: basic architecture of device and Android system (software emulators for virtual mobile devices)
  • The process of creating and running software projects for Android: installation and configuration of ECLIPSE environment
  • Testing the application template on the emulator and on the device. Processes: run, debug, transfer (import) applications
  • Designing navigation system in mobile apps: menu options, contextual menu items SlideMenu and NavigationDrawer, tabs
  • Usage of the built in hardware components of mobile devices application such as: camera, camcorder, media player, GPS receiver, compass, stopwatch
  • Publication of a complete mobile application: formats app and apk, publication and management of the application on Google Play, usage of component AdMob

To make the experience truly memorable, the trainees were taken on a study visit to the crowd working center, a place where start-ups get technological, logistical, business and legal support before promoting their product on the market.

However, their stay in Seville was not only based on hard work. The group has visited a small town in Portugal called Tavira, and also they had gone to Cadiz one of the oldest city in Europe. They enjoyed also advantages of Seville itself during their Seville tour and visit of Las Setas. We hope it will be a memorable experience!



Grzegorz Jasztal:

Practice in Spain was an adventure that I will never forget. I will miss the local culture and people, if I could I would stay here as long as possible. Despite the amazing atmosphere in each of the places I visited, I enjoyed a lot android programming. The teacher was demanding and willing to help what encouraged me to work hard. During the tours with our coordinator I learned a lot of interesting and surprising historical facts and after each day I could fully rest in our residence. I hope I will come back here one day.

20180913_170939Aleksandra Puchała:

The internship was great. Im glad I could meet such great people and visited the beautiful country. Miguel was the best teacher; he can intrigue the biggest lazybones. I learned a lot of for him for which I am grateful. He is an open person and very helpful. Inma delighted us every day delicious dishes. We can’t forget about Kuba! He tried very hard to take our time in an interesting and useful way, he always came to our taste. We could always count on him, one message was enough to find him, he always had time for everyone.



Project Details

Project Title: Polak - Europejczyk - dobry fachowiec !
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037978
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Starachowice (Poland)

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