Students from Slovakia came to Málaga to work as electriacians and in CNC field | Euromind
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About This Project

We had a pleasure to welcome 14 students from Slovakia, interested in gaining more knowledge in CNC and electricity fields. They were assigned to 9 different companies depending on their preferences in Málaga. During their internships, electricians have to face different tasks such as:

– Assisting in the installation of light system
– Preparing and installing components of light system by applying appropriate techniques and procedures
– Gathering all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite
– Ensuring that the work equipment is maintained in an efficient state
– Supervising the correct functioning of the already existing  installations
– Fabricating, dismantling, assembling of utilities industry components

Guys who work in the CNC field also have to face different tasks such as:

– Using counters and applying the knowledge of metrology
– Interpreting plans and technical pictures
– Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and grinding the metal
– Checking the results of operations and if it is not satisfactory, call the adjuster
– Preparing elements for turning
– Cleaning, lubricating and carrying out maintenance of the machine
– Replacement of turning tools
– Operating CNC Machines
– Analyzing information derived from technical documentation
– Taking care of the order at the place of work

Besides their practical training, students also had a study visit, intense and dynamic language course, cultural activities such as Málaga city tour or tapas night and trips to other cities like Granada and Seville, where they could explore and see other cities of Spain and get to know the country better.


Matej Chabada

My tutor was  very careful and helpful. I could always count on her when i needed help. During my internship, I was installing some lights, spotlights and ceiling lights. Everything was very interesting for me and i feel that i really earned a lot of knowledge in this field. Moreover, I enjoyes my time in Málaga and with Euromind, travelling and learning a lot of things about Spanish culture.

Marek Valenčat

I was enjoying a lot working as an electrician. The atmosphere was very nice and I really liked my collegues. My tutor  was polite, very careful and helpful. During my practice there I  was repairing motors, emergy lamps, remove controls and similar. I also fixed some pumps and changed old cables in the pump.

Ján  Marko

I was working as a mechanical engineer and I really liked it. I could see how this work looks in practice and try it for a couple of weeks. I was separating plastic from copper, and also repairing some parts of the engine. It was a pleasure to work with my tutor who was helping me whenever I needed help. I recommend this experience to everyone because I gained a lot of knowledge.



Project Details

Project Title: Develop and share skills and experience for EU professions
Project Number: 2018-1-SK01-KA102-045860
Number of participants: 14
Country: Slovakia, Stresdná

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CNC, electrician