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About This Project

They were only 2, these brave Greek girls who stayed in Seville for no less than half a year. During their six-month internship as health and safely inspectors in a restaurant, these Greek trainees managed not only to successfully complete a long internship abroad, but also to learn a whole new language and to adapt to a whole new environment. The trainees carried out tasks such as:


  • Managing and following audit observations
  • Inspecting, checking and confirming established parameters
  • Observing and monitoring the production operations and all products to ensure effective compliance with health and safety laws
  • Informing and reporting to supervisors of all test results
  • Checking temperatures
  • Checking expiration dates

Apart from their work, the trainees were also given Spanish clases and taken to trips to Cordoba and Granada. Next to that, they had plenty of time to discover al the wonders Seville has to offer. The girls were both given the highest note possible from their tutor and we at euroMind were also ver satisfied with their stay.


Aikaterini Magkavetsou:

On 19th November 2016 I began my trip to Seville. A city built on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the country of flamenco and bullfighting where you can admire the beauty of the colors and the passion that overflows the city. I had the opportunity to have a very unique experience and work in a well-known restaurant in the city. I was practicing my studies in food technology. I also learned a lot of things as a chef assistant, working side by side with top chefs in Seville. I met amazing people, I made friends, I learned Spanish in 6 months with the help of my Spanish teacher and very good friend Silvia. For Spain and for the people here, I only have to say the best because they are warm, friendly and communicative. They are very similar to the Greeks. It was a unique experience of life and it was full of knowledge and experience. I just want to say a big thank you.’

Michaela-Stamatia Metsiopoulou:

‘My stay in Seville was a special experience. I did not think I would ever have such an opportunity. I discovered a new and interesting culture as well as many fantastic landscapes. I also saw other cities like Granada and Cordoba from our excursions with the program. The first days of adaptation were a little difficult because I didn’t know the language. The Spanish lessons were hard to me but over time with the help of my teacher and from everyday listening at work, I have been able to reach a satisfactory level to communicate. At the beginning of the work, I did not know anything about kitchens. However, the staff of the restaurant helped me to learn a lot of things. They taught me how to behave in a professional space, even in special and difficult situations. All of them were worth because in the end they were pleased with my progress. I will definitely visit this city again and of course, the excellent restaurant I worked at!!’



Project Details

Project Title: WorkBaL@EU (Work Based Learning at European Union)
Project Number: 20161-EL01-KA102-02314
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Tirnavos (Greece)

All Projects, Food Production, Restaurant industry