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About This Project

Fifteen students from the Greek school ‘1ο ΕΣΠΕΡΙΝΟ ΕΠΑΛ ΑΙΓΑΛΕΩ’ came to Seville for a three week traineeship in order to improve their knowledge and professional skills with regards to architecture, IT, food technology and electricity. Their host organisation is a very renowned school, located at the heart of Seville, which offers vocational training to over 600 students in total.


Their main tasks consisted of the following:


  • Assisting in the installation of light system
  • Preparing and installing components of light system by applying appropriate techniques and procedures
  • Gathering all needed materials, tools and other working equipment and preparing the worksite
  • Ensuring that the work equipment is maintained in an efficient state
  • Supervising the correct functioning of the already existing  installations
  • Fabricating, dismantling, assembling of utilities industry components


During their stay, the trainees tried their very best to successfully complete the traineeship and they managed to do so. But apart from their efforts at work, this enthusiastic group also found some time to relax and do some cultural activities a.o. a trip to Granada and Cordoba.


Emmanouela Sklavounou:

‘Spain is a very cosy and intimate place where people are always willing to help you and make you feel at home. It was an experience that made me discover other aspects of my personality. It is so nice to be in a foreign country and a piece of my will remain here. I think this opportunity is one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.’

Ioannis Gkortsas: 

‘From the start of the trip the idea of going to a foreign country to work seemed very exciting to me.We were scared, uncomfortable and anxious to come at first but at the same time happy, energetic and we were keen to start working abroad. Right from the start I was sure I would have a great time at work, and I really did enjoy going to work! Generally, the whole experience, including the cultural trip, was a great learning experience for us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explore a new world.’



Project Details

Project Title: WorkBaL@EU (Work Based Learning at European Union)
Project Number: 20161-EL01-KA102-02314
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Tirnavos (Greece)

All Projects, Electricians, Food Production, IT