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About This Project

For four months in 2015, two motivated German students successfully shared their teaching knowledge with their kindergarten classes in Spain. Not only did the children learn new things, but so did Alexander and Annabell. Their main duties consisted of:


  • Performing the daily duties in early years education
  • Organizing and creating the daily pedagogical and nursing work with small children
  • Singing and presenting different learning attendant themes
  • Supporting the children at breakfast and lunch time
  • Attending the personal hygiene of the children
  • Playing games with children


Both the students, the children, the Spanish teachers and euroMind were very happy with the experience and were able to teach and learn about different cultures.



Alexander Brödel:

‘I am very happy with the work I have developed. I have built up very good relationships with kids and colleagues. I have learnt about the early childhood pedagogy and the Spanish teaching system. Eva is the perfect tutor, she is natural motivated and she is very good with the kids and the pedagogical work. I have also improved my Spanish skills a lot, and now I am able to communicate effectively in this language. In general, it has been a great cultural and professional experience.’


Annabell Blank:

‘During my placement in Seville, I got an overview of how to work with small children and what kind of needs they have. I improved my Spanish skills and gained a lot of vocabulary. I learned great new activities for kids as well. Soraya tried to involve me in every situation, I felt very comfortable and the kids were also great. I had a very good experience during my stay.’



Project Details

Project Title: Trampolin V
Project Number: DE/13/LLP-LdV/PLM/285473
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Hamburg (Germany)

All Projects, Nursing