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About This Project

From May to July 2017, 2 French students from Le Tampon (La Réunion) had the opportunity to do a formative apprenticeship in the beautiful city of Seville. During their stay they improved many working skills and carried out several tasks, such as:


  • Dealing with customer service.
  • Supporting the sales process.
  • Handling invoices, receipts and payments.
  • Receiving deliveries and stock management.
  • Taking care of the order in the store: unpack goods, stocking shelves, arranging displays.


During their stay they could also enjoy some free time and visit the beautiful city of Seville both during a Seville bike tour and on their own. This experience has been really important for their future work and we are pleased with their positive results.


IMG_20170627_173109Lauren Payet

‘We have spent two months in Seville where we were working, visiting the city, but we have also made many outings. Our work place was good; we have worked with very friendly people who have helped us a lot. We were able to acquire professional experience, but we have also improved our level of language in Spanish. The city of Seville is very attractive and it is a nice place to live. The food is very good. The monuments are beautiful. We had the chance to discover a new culture. Our coordinator Paqui is a good person who has also helped us a lot. To sum up, this trip has been a very enriching experience for us, both on a professional and a personal level.’



Project Details

Project Title: Shop assistant Internship
Project Number: Erasmus+ 2017
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Le Tampon (La Réunion)

All Projects, Logistics, Shop Assistant