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About This Project

In October 2019, a group of 20 students from Poland travelled to Seville to do their e-buggy internship. They spent two weeks gaining professional experience, improving their linguistic competence, and enjoying Spain.



The interns were taught how to manufacture and adjust all the elements of the car. They fabricated the illumination parts, solar battery charger, solar panel and wiring system according to sketch. What is more, the technicians performed quality control of the steering system, brake system, battery and wiring. They could also test the engine controller. Finally, they built their own electrical e-buggy car.


Additionally, the group participated in many cultural activities provided by euroMind in Seville. They went on a city tour which allowed them to get to know the most beautiful places in the capital of Andalusia. The interns could enjoy a warm day at the beach during their stay in Cadiz.



Maciej Zarembski

I find the Euromind internship very useful. Certainly, what I have learned from them will be useful in the future. I learned to weld and polish. Thanks to the host company, I improved my drilling and cutting skills. Teachers who looked after us during the classes approached the students well and always explained when we did something wrong.

sobieckiPatryk Sobiecki

I really enjoyed my internships in Spain. I learned welding, which I am very happy with, and I trained in metalworking. Teachers made us laugh, but they were also able to teach us new things despite the small language barrier. I think the e-buggy came out quite well, driving it was very cool.




Project Details

Project Title: Edukacja europejska kluczem do sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048766
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Plock

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electronics
Car mechanics, Electronics