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About This Project

A group of future nursery teachers from Slovenia came to Malaga to spend two weeks doing their internship in Spanish kindergartens. They enjoyed Spanish life and gained professional experience.


The interns dealt with providing basic care for children and helped with daily tasks. Among their tasks, there were planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities, and providing children with basic processes of social interaction. What is more, the students also performed and assisted in each delivered activity. They motivated children and had fun playing with them during the recreational time.


Additionally, the group could enjoy the cultural activities and trips organized by the euroMind team. The Malaga Tour let them visit the most important places in the city and the Flamenco Dance Show allowed them to experience the wonders of one of Spanish most emblematic dances. Moreover, the students went to Ronda, a charming village located in the Andalusian mountains, where they could admire the Puente Nuevo and many more. Another trip taken by the interns was to Granada where they visited the Alhambra.




Andraž Tomsič

I worked at the host company with Nina. I helped the kindergarten teacher. The workplace was great, the teachers and other workers were friendly and nice. The kindergarten overall was amazing, I liked it a lot and I will miss it. I think that working with the euroMind organization was very interesting. And I am thankful to be a part of the Erasmus project and I believe that I gathered a lot of experience in kindergarten and working with children.

Lara Vrabec

My name is Lara Vrabec and I worked in Malaga. I used to do there the usual things out of their daily routine (playing with children, changing diapers, helping them with feeding, dancing, singing). I was mostly impressed by the kindergarten that they have a very different way of working there, which amazed me the first day. I would rate my work as good because you can always get better. Euromind is a great organization because it arranged a great stay for us and selected great kindergartens. The coordinators were very nice, open to questions and sharing information. At first, I was a little scared because you never know how it would be. But day by day I felt better and started enjoying every moment. In two weeks, we just adapted to city life and started to like it. I have to say that I do not regret coming to Spain and having a new experience. Gracias por todo y tal vez nos veamos de nuevo.



Project Details

Project Title: Learning by teaching in European Kinder-gartens
Project Number: KA1-VET- 23/19
Number of participants: 14
Country: Slovenia, Ajdovščina

All Projects, Nursing
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