Czech students doing an internship in the Veterinary and Agricultural sector in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

Ten students from Libverda (Czech Republic), spent their time in Seville in October 2017, for a two-weeks traineeship as Gardeners, Veterinaries and Hostlers. During their formative experience, they had the chance to acquire more knowledge and develop their professional abilities in the fields of Gardening, Veterinary and AnimalCare. They carried out several tasks, such as:



  • Feeding, watering and taking care of animals
  • Examining, analyzing, administering medicaments and provide post-operative care to the animals
  • Cleaning, disinfecting  and sterilizing cages, stables and work areas
  • Taking out, riding and brushing horses
  • Unpacking and care for flowers and plants
  • Making bouquets and arrangements based on their knowledge, ideas and design books in order to meet customer requirements



Furthermore, they learned and improved their knowledge of the Spanish language through a Spanish course. They also had the opportunity to discover the historical, cultural and multi-ethnical aspects of Seville during a Seville Tour and a Tapas Night, as well as they participated to an overwhelming Language and Cultural Exchange along with Spanish peers. They could also have a great time during their trips to Tavira (Portugal), Ronda, Matalascañas beach and Malaga.

We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and private life.


nikola1Nikola Pešková

‘When I was chosen to be part of the project named Erasmus+ I was very happy and curious about what it means. Now at the end, I know what it means – experience, opportunity to get better in whatever you want to do in the future and meet new people. You were in different state, different city with different people who were speaking their own language you probably did not understand. For 3 stunning weeks, I had been in Seville (Spain) in a veterinary clinic with amazing people who helped me with everything. In our free time, we had wonderful trips around Spain with Natalia who was friendly and helpful. You do not have to be afraid of being part of this project because it will be full of amazing people who will help you. For example the language barrier was exceeded by Maria José from Euromind in our Spanish courses. Now at the end I had a lot of experience, new friends and I would like to thank for that to the whole Erasmus team and of course our teacher Ivana because without her I would not get such opportunity. Thank you very much!’

markoMarko Markovski:

‘Last 3 weeks were amazing. Having an opportunity to be in a veterinary clinic was a big challenge in particular when a clinic was in a foreign country. I had this chance and I am really happy for that. It was very interesting when you did not understand most of the things which you had to do, but it was big experience and fun. Now I know many new things from the veterinary branch. At the weekend trips with our tutor, Natalia were nice and phenomenal. I loved Spain. Spanish people have more energy and pleasure from their lives. When I will be old I wish to be like the people in Spain. Muchas gracias for being part of this project’

kristina 1Kristýna Schovánková:

‘My last day in Seville was very emotional. I was in our workplace to say goodbye to my boss Francisca and our co-worker Mike. They were both so nice and warm people, typical Spanish! I liked this project a lot, because I had the opportunity to meet another culture, especially on our trips to Malaga, Ronda, Matalascañas and also Portugal, Tavira. I made a lot of new friends, like our Spanish teacher Mari. She was really nice and funny. I had a lot of fun when I met local people at the Euromind office. We introduced our countries to each other and also played some games. I went to Tapas night, where I tasted some local food and drinks as well. I really liked the accommodation, because there was a terrace where we could sit all day and also variety food was incredible. But biggest thanks belong to our lector Natalia, who led us for the whole time and showed us the most beautiful places in this amazing country. I cannot wait to visit Spain again in the future because I totally fell in love with this country!’



Project Details

Project Title: Development of professional competence of pupils and teachers focused on veterinary and agricultural fields
Project Number: 2017-1-CZ01-KA102-034726
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Libverda (Czech Republic)

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