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About This Project

In 2015, for a period of two weeks, 18 young Czech trainees of the Střední škola informatiky, elektrotechniky a řemesel Rožnov pod Radhoštěm school arrived in Spain for an unforgettable traineeship. They were given the opportunity to improve their IT skills at a Sevillian IT-company.


Their main tasks included:


  • Repairing broken hardware of computers
  • Installing and setup of operating systems on new computers
  • Installing some basic programs, for example: Photoshop, Corel Draw, OpenOffice, WinRar, Adobe Reader and more
  • Designing and creating a web page for Cibercenter
  • Using the latest technologies like: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript + jQuery, PHP


Next to that, they had the opportunity to discover two of the most famous cities in Andalucia: Seville and Malaga! They also enjoyed a Tapas Night, one of the most typical Spanish traditions, and were immersed in the Spanish language during beginner classes specifically adapted to them. It’s safe to say they had a wonderful experience.


Štěpán Barbušin Štěpán Barbušin:

‘I’m really glad about my work placement. Other employees were really nice to me and always ready to help me. Thanks to this experience I was able to see how this kind of company works and now I know that in the future I would like to work in a place like that.’

Dalibor Černocký

Dalibor Černocký:

‘I think that the company where I´ve been working is the best from the IT sector. People working there are very professional and take their work seriously. They are also easy-going and funny people what helped me to feel fine working there.’



Project Details

Project Title: Meet Spain
Project Number: 2014-1-CZ01-KA102-000908
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (Czech Republic)

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