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About This Project

—At the beginning of 2016, 18 Croatian students from Industrijska škola Split, Obrtnička i tehnička škola Dubrovnik took part in a two-week training course which dealt with solar heating. They obtained new and broader perspectives and obtained some very useful professional knwowledge and skills.


Their main tasks included the following:


  • —Use of solar energy
  • —Use of calculation application to calculate solar radiation – solar calculator
  • Calculating energy requirement
  • —Defining components of solar photovoltaic projects
  • —Work in AutoCAD – designing solar photovoltaic projects using AutoCAD
  • —Calculating the amount and size of the components of solar system
  • —Montage of the photovoltaic system components, checking if the system works properly
  • —Montage of a small solar plant connected to the electrical power network
  • Montage of electric circuit with a sensor floodlight


Having successfully completed their internship, the students can now take from the skills and competences they have obtained and apply them in their future jobs. Apart from working, the students also went on various exciting trips to different cities across Andalusia: a.o. Cádiz and Córdoba.


Ivan Papucic:

—’I have loved working here. I came to Spain in order to learn new things that I am going to use in my future profession. I would like to especially commend my teacher Javier who taught me a lot.Sevilla, Cardiz and Cordoba are in my heart. I have met a lot of new friends. I hope to get back as soon as possible to Spain, a country which I love.’

—Kristijan Vidovic:

‘My reasons for signing up for this project are very simple. First, I wanted to learn as much as possible about everything, particularly about renewable energy, because that is our future. Secondly, I wanted to make new friends and visit Spain and learn more about the country. I sincerely hope that my participation in this project will help me encounter a suitable job.’



Project Details

Project Title: Čista energija za ljepšu Europu
Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012933
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Dubrovnik (Croatia)

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