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About This Project

In April 2015, 5 Belgian trainees from Esneux came to Seville to carry out internships in the field of electronics. During their four weeks at different host companies, they fulfilled tasks such as:


  • Repairing of electronic monitors
  • Restoring a fiber optic connection
  • Maintenance of a cold room air conditioner, of a supermarket conditioner and a hoist
  • Fitting neon lights
  • Detection of errors in a computer equipment operation
  • Repairing of laser printers and hard drives


But after some hard work it’s time to relax a little: the trainees took advantage of their time abroad to do some sightseeing of the city discovering the most famous buildings of Seville, to make a trip to the city of Malaga, to enjoy the sun in beach city Matalascañas, to taste the local food during Tapas Night, to pay a visit to the bullring and to learn some Spanish during their language classes! We hope the trainees had a great and fruitful stay and wish them the best of luck in the future.



Amaury Deblinte:

‘I like this style of work, as there is much to learn. During these four weeks I made several repairs, mostly on laser printers. Our tutor showed us every time the problems which were present. This work provides valuable knowledge. This one-month internship taught me respect, language, and other interesting things. I thank all the people who worked with me and helped me. This trip was wonderful and very interesting for my future. I realize how lucky I was to be able to live here and live the things I’ve lived here in Spain in Seville.’


Thomas Debatty:

‘I really enjoy working as a technician and electronician in the store. The staff that I work with is great. I thank José, Fran and Antonio for their hospitality and for what have I learned in these weeks. I had previous knowledge in the technical field but I am delighted to have learned more everyday during my working experience.’



Project Details

Project Title: Electrons libres et l'infiniment petit
Project Number: Erasmus + KA1 VET Learners 14MP0007
Number of participants: 5
City & country: Esneux (Belgium)

All Projects, Electronics, IT, Shop Assistant