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About This Project

By the end of February, 15 motivated and talented Portuguese students made their way to the south of Spain in order to take part in an exciting three-week internship. This unique opportunity will help them to improve their basic linguistic and professional skills which will help them find better employment in the future. They were employed  at different host companies according to their specific area of work: communication, graphic design, dress making.


Their main responsibilities included the following:


  • Assisting with the coordination of events during projects’ delivery
  • Assisting the Company Manager with the maintenance of the organizations’ database (to include data input, making queries and running reports)
  • Customer service, providing customers with advice about the city of Seville and its monuments.
  • Discussing the objectives in responsible tourism development at different companies (private, public and voluntary).
  • Helping in photo shoots
  • Interview with a jornalist from the “Público” newspaper
  • Observing the shooting process and assisting the main photographer
  • Determining methods of image capturing


During their stay the students managed to successfully complete their internship and in doing so they gained a substantial amount of working experience as well as new skills and knowledge. But apart from their hard work they also managed to relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Sevilla.



João Paulo Oliveira Carneiro :

‘I’m loving this experience. The city of Sevilla is very beautiful, has fantastic places to visit. I visited various parts of the city. The Hostel Inturjoven Sevilla offers good conditions, the food is reasonable and employees are kind. I really enjoyed working at DogeSport. I did not only perform tasks that I already mastered but I also acquired new knowledge. It was a fantastic experience. The company’s staff was always friendly, attentive and they really cared for me. Regarding Euromind, the staff is very helpful, friendly and attentive as well. I can just say thank you to everyone who contributed to this project/experience.’


Ângelo Rafael Ferreira Viegas:

‘Our experience in Seville really made me more aware of other cultures, and at the same time I also learnt new working methods. I loved visiting the city, even though our three-week stay went by way too fast. As far as the traineeship went, I liked it, because I learned to use Mecher in new tools of photos editing. And the staff at the company were all very friendly and willing to help me.’



Project Details

Project Title: AKTION – Improving Skills in Transnational Practical Training
Project Number: 2014-1-PT01-KA102-000213
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Póvoa de Lanhoso (Portugal)

All Projects, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Marketing