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About This Project

The 18 students of IT, from the school – Střední škola informatiky, elektrotechniky a řemesel Rožnov pod Radhoštěm that is based in the Czech Republic, came to Sevilla to realize their practice of Videogames.

This group of students had the opportunity to stay in Sevilla for 2 weeks and improve their skills in IT programming. The students were programming learnt about the operation of the video game project, from its script to development using the Unity 3D editing program. They were able to control objects and the character in the environment that they created. The final product was the creation of a computer games base or consoles with different environments and interfaces using C # software.

The students were very skilful and could also improve their programming skills.



Jakub Jurčík

The internship was really good. I learnt the basics of making a game in Unity using C# scripting, which I haven’t tried before. Our lecturer was a really nice and cool guy. He was always willing to help with anything, and helped me a lot to understand the structure of the engine. The stay here was great, but I’d appreciate having more free time during the week. In summary, the internship was an amazing experience, and I’m glad I could be here.

Ondřej Koňařík

During this 2-week internship, I learned new game-making skills in the Unity program. Our trainer was very kind and always managed to deal with our questions and problems. Thanks to our trainers great English, I have improved my communication and comprehension of English. I completed 15 hours of Spanish and learned basic concepts and phrases of this beautiful language. Thanks to euroMinds leadership we made many trips and tried out Spanish culture first hand. I am very happy about the time I spent here.



Project Details

Project Title: Equal Opportunities For Everyone
Project Number: 2020-1-CZ01-KA102-077939
Number of participants: 18
Country: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic

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IT, Video games, web development