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About This Project

In September 2017, 3 trainees from Póvoa de Lanhoso (Portugal) did their two-week internship in Seville in the car mechanic and dressmaking sector.


During their training, they carried out many tasks, such as:

  • Removing and disassembling units such as engines, transmissions, or differentials, to be repaired, using hand tools and power tools;
  • Performing basic services and repair activities related to car servicing, i.e. oil and filters change, defective parts replacement, washing of the engine and other car components;
  • Repairing car body, i.e. welding, brazing, riveting, sheet metal and profiles bonding, assembling and disassembling of car body components and chassis;
  • Fit, alter, repair, and make made-to-measure clothing, according to customers’ and clothing manufacturers’ specifications and fit, and applying principles of garment design, construction, and styling;
  • Makes women’s garments, such as dresses, suits and flamenco dresses, according to customer specifications and measurements;
  • Sews fabric parts by hand or operates single-needle sewing machine that joins fabric parts to form the garment.


In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Seville during a Seville tour and to go on a trip to the amazing city of Cadiz. We hope that they will make the best use of this experience in their future. We wish them all great careers!


afonsoAfonso Ribeiro:

‘I worked in the mechanic’s sector, where I did more demanding mechanics things, such as replacement of clutch kit, replacement of distribution belts, updating of various electronic components in vehicles, diagnostics, among many others. My tutor was called Fidel. In general, I really liked the relationship between all the technicians, because it was an environment where everyone got on well, which made me feel at home.’

Andrea2Andrea Vieira:

‘I was doing my internship in Seville, in a company that created flamenco dresses, wedding dresses, first communion dresses and accessories (like hats and banners). All this was prepared by my tutor Mrs. Carmen Limones Fernández and her co-worker. They were very nice, fun and perfectionists. According to the tasks, I worked with sewing machines, moving by hand, helping people to try flamenco dresses. I also learned methods of marking staples on delicate fabrics and sewing by hand. I also had the opportunity to help in the organization of a new collection of Flamenco dresses, one of the most used traditional dresses in Seville’.

Rodrigo1Rodrigo Rodrigues:

‘My experience working in Seville was perfect. My tutor was Antonio Algaba. He was a man with certain age and therefore he was the veteran of the company. Algaba was very cheerful and talkative and always tried to make me understand everything. He also spoke a lot about Spanish culture and about his methods of work and forms of approach.
The company also had other students from other countries.
I was working in the department of auxiliary services, a part that dealt with car maintenance such as oil changes and filter change. In the area where I was, there were many people who liked to speak with the Manager and when sometimes they couldn’t find him, they came to talk to me. But it was a bit complicated for me because I did not speak much Spanish, only I mixed it with Portuguese, so the first thing I said was “I am Portuguese, I cannot understand Spanish very well” and they tried to talk to me easier to understand them’.



Project Details

Project Title: I. MOVE - Mobility, Employability and Empowerment in Europe
Project Number: No. 2017-1-PT01-KA102-035698
Number of participants: 3
City & country: Póvoa de Lanhoso (Portugal)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Fashion Design