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About This Project

In July, a group of 16 Polish students with two teachers was hosted by euroMind in Úbeda, to carry out a two weeks-long internship placement. Here, they were working as bio-builder and landscape architects.


The bio-builders have had the possibility to learn about another form of construction that is not damaging to the environment and includes recycling. Thanks to these practices, they know how to use the materials that Mother Earth gives us, such as wood, cane, straw, reeds, stones, sand, etc. and include them in the construction process. They understand and appreciate the process of adobe production. On the other hand, the architects have been able to learn about the natural products that can be used in a landscape project. They understand the importance of insects in the environment and know that they should always have a place for them.


Apart from their practices, they also had a possibility to travel around Andalusia region; their first trip was to Granada which is located at the foot of the mighty Sierra Nevada. For centuries its landscapes and magnificent monuments has delighted the viewers. The biggest development of the city took place during the reign of Muslim dynasties. The trainees had the opportunity to hear about the history of the Reconquest and the importance of the Catholic Monarchs: Isabella and Ferdinand. In addition, they visited, among others, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary since the Incarnation; The Royal Chapel where rest the bodies of the Isabella and Ferdinand are. And the last point of the trip was the long-awaited Alhambra where Ferdinand and Isabella posted a flag as a symbol of the conquest of Granada. They also visited Málaga – one of the oldest cities in Europe and the second largest city in Andalusia. It is situated in Costa del Sol. As this name implies, you can enjoy sunny and warm weather all year long, as it belongs to Subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Málaga is one of the most popular tourist places in Spain. If you are an architecture, culture or history enthusiast, it is an ideal place to visit. Speaking of, Pablo Picasso, the wellknown painter, was born here, as well as a popular actor Antonio Banderas.

The group was also in Baeza- a town near Ubeda, in the province of Jaén. Wich is famous for one of the best preserved examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain. Baeza together with Ubeda, since 2003 are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In addition, the trainees also took part in a tapas night, which was a fantastic opportunity to try the local cuisine in a local bar and to experience an authentic Spanish atmosphere as well as the tapas specialities.

The internship has not only been a time to develop knowledge of the sector but also to learn Spanish, get to know a completely different culture, make new friends and develop interpersonal skills. We hope that all of this will be an unforgettable memory for our interns and that in the future they will be able to take advantage of everything they have learned during their stay.


Wiktor Malesza

Our place of apprenticeship is characterized by the use of ecological methods of breeding, cultivation and construction technologies. Ecological, that is, using all available materials, those provided by nature and left by people. It is a very valuable science, we can learn new techniques or just put in to practice the ones learnt previously in our country. The attitude of the tutors is very helpful – people are extremely open and friendly, always ready to help.



Martyna Szczepaniak

The company where I am doing my internship deals with bio-construction and ecology. Thanks to internships in this company, I acquire experience and develop skills, among others in creating adobe bricks and using materials from the surrounding nature. Our tutors try to explain everything to us from scratch and support us with strength. The atmosphere at work is very pleasant, all trainees are committed and ready for new experiences.



Krystian Miłosz Wiliński

The company in which I do my internship deals with the creation of bioconstruction objects as well as taking care of the environment in a natural way. Experience that I can get when creating “adobe” bricks or using natural material from the surrounding nature. The company in which I work is extremely well-coordinated and also organized, the management that we see every day always welcomes us with a smile on our face. The ideas we give are immediately checked and used in the daily routine, which proves that the management is open to new solutions.





Project Details

Project Title: Europejska akademia zawodowców ZSBiKZ
Project Number:2018-1-PL01-KA102-049721
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Konin

All Projects, Construction, Gardening
Bioconstruction, Construction, landscape architecture