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About This Project

In February 2018, a group of Polish students come to Málaga improving their skills in the fields of geodetic, cook, pastry cook. They put themeselves to the test, learning a lot of new things in a multicultural environment.

The trainees were fully satisfied with their work placements. They gained much needed professional experience abroad which is highly appreciated and sometimes even specifically asked by today’s employers.

We have no doubt that our trainees will use their new knowledge and experience at their current work in their home country or increase their chances at the labour market and dazzle their future potential employers.

Besides that, students also had different cultural activities like language course or Málaga city tour and free time to enjoy Spain.

They had to deal with a lot of different tasks like:

– Getting familiar with the working methodology of the geodetic surveyors
– Planning the stages of a topographic project
– Creating topographic bases
– Taking readings of bases, slope changes and interest points of the project
– Calculating the different types of coordinates
– Importing data from EXCEL into AutoCAD
– Getting to know different instruments used to create a Digital Terrain Model
– Designing local topographic networks
– Creating reviews and reports
– Mixing raw materials and additional products in appropriate quantities
– Preparing different types of dough and creams
– Making and decorating different types of tarts, pastries, and cookies according to the basic pastry techniques
– Decorating pastry products
– Pack freshly prepared products for sale
– Ordering the place of work
– Controlling the temperature and humidity of chambers and ovens, as well as the time of fermentation and baking
– Receiving, storing and preparing raw materials and needed additional products needed, controlling the quality


Wiktoria Anna Plizga

I learned to set up bases, apply characteristic points and work in the AutoCAD program. During foreign mobility, I have gained professional, cultural, social and language experience. What I liked the most was the trip to Marbella and a walk along the beach, Ronda, and the town of Frigiliana. I also enjoyed a walk around Malaga and the Costa del Sol beach.

Sylwia Bondyra

I learned how to use machines and devices. I also got to know interesting recipes.
I liked the kindness of employees in the company. I really like this experience because I have learnes a lot of different things. I really loved Málaga and the cultural activities that we have done especially Tapas Night.

Konrad Podgórski

During practical training i have learned how to mark points, set up the bases, working with total station, doing measurement and making maps in program. The practical training showed me how the real practical work in geodesy looks like. The work showed that we are responsible for our own mistakes. It taught me how to work in a group.
The measurement was not hard beacause we still worked outside in temperature about twenty degrees… I remind you that it was February. Erasmus made me smile every day of that tour.



Project Details

Project Title: Postaw na kompetencje zawodowe
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-023668
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Zamościu

All Projects, Engineering, Gastronomy, Restaurant industry
cook, Cooking, geodetic, group training, pastry cook, Pastry Cooking