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About This Project

The students from Rzeszów arrived to Seville to spend 3 weeks doing their internship in several fields. They also improved their linguistic and intercultural competences.


The group was spread around various locations in Seville. A few people gained experience working in a stock where they dealt with the replenishment of products. The other group worked in a restaurant’s kitchen where they had a chance to prepare some delicious recipes. The construction workers helped to paint the walls, prepared all the materials and performed the maintenance work of the building. There was also a group of young students who were a part of IT team in host organization. They used popular programs, such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel, programmed with JavaScript, and created websites. The last group came to Seville to work in a field of logistics and administration.


In addition to gaining professional experience, the students from Rzeszow participated in cultural activities. They took an intensive Spanish course which let them improve their linguistic competence. They visited Tavira, a town in Portugal, and Cadiz which is located by the ocean. In Seville they took part in tapas night and Seville tour which got them familiar with Spanish culture and its unique atmosphere.



 Dominika Grześ

Thanks to my teacher, I learned new things related to construction. I met many wonderful and nice people. I visited many places in Sevilla and I also visited Cadiz and Tavira thanks to euroMind.

Natalia Konieczna

Practice time turned out to be very productive and I am happy, that I had the opportunity to develop professionally, get to know a new culture, country and people.

Filip Przybyła

Participation in the Euromind project allowed me to learn about a new culture, customs, traditions and to gain new professional experience. During my stay I was able to visit three beautiful cities – Sevilla (capital of Andalusia), Cadiz and Tavira.



Project Details

Project Title: Zawodowcy zdobywają europejskie doświadczenie
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA116-048628
Number of participants: 16
Country: Rzeszów, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Construction, Electronics, Food Production, IT, Logistics, stocking
Administrative Assistant, Construction, Cooking, IT