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About This Project


In August 2019, a group of 15 hairdressers from Cieszyn came to Seville to spend two weeks learning new skills and enjoying the beautiful capital city of Andalusia.


The interns performed several tasks, including organizing the workplace as well as getting acquainted with equipment, cosmetics and hair care technologies used by Spanish hairdressers. They also washed customers’ heads and assisted in hair lightening, discoloration and all kinds of haircuts and hairstyles.


Additionally, the students from Cieszyn participated in a Spanish course provided by the coordinators from euroMind. They saw a flamenco show performed by professional dancers who later gave them the flamenco dance masterclass. What is more, the group went to a local bar to try some delicious tapas.



Anna Dziędziel

Hi! My name is Anna. I started my work at 9 AM and finished at 2 PM at the salon. I dealt with dyeing, washing and drying hair. I was positively surprised by the atmosphere at work. I communicated with the salon staff with gestures and a translator. The Spanish lessons also helped me a lot. The customers were very understanding there. I was really happy with the internship.

Ewelina Broda

My apprenticeship took place in a small but very cozy salon. I was very afraid of getting there and how I would get along, but it turned out to be unnecessary. During the apprenticeships I had the opportunity to hear the Spanish language and caught some words that were useful in the following days. Working in the salon in Spain let me see the differences that exist in the performance of hairdressing services and in products intended for this. I needed a few days to get used to the products as they are different from those I have in Poland. My boss was very nice. He used the help of a translator because it was the easiest way and less likely that I would not understand the task he entrusted to me.



Project Details

Project Title: POWER Kształć sie globalnie pracuj lokalnie
Project Number: POWERVET-2018-1-PL01-KA102-049205
Number of participants: 15
Country: Poland, Cieszyn

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