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About This Project

During their four-week internship in Malaga, a group of students from the Hugo Kołątaj School Complex in Jordanów were gaining experience in several different professions: Hairdresser, Carpenter, Shop assistant and Car mechanic.

They developed their interests and skills thanks to the host organization. Apart from their daily work, they had the opportunity to participate in Spanish language courses and various professional workshops.

Students preparing for the hairdresser profession learned from their tutors how to make individual hairstyles adapted to the occasion and how to work safely with materials needed at work. Moreover, they were able to assist their tutors during their professional work.

A group of shop assistants learned the elements of how to approach the needs of each client professionally, they made sure that each shelf looked beautiful and arranged the products so that nothing was missing in the workplace. They also supported their creators during sales and customer service.

Students preparing for the profession of a mechanic on the first day of their apprenticeship had interesting tasks such as pulling out gearboxes, changing lamps and other car faults. They coped with these tasks very well and were ready for the next days of internships and new challenges.

Two people from the whole group learned in the host organisation how to work on the construction of a boat. It took them three days to paint the whole boat construction.

Despite the work, the pupils participated in several additional attractions, such as a trip to Seville and Cordoba, during which they visited the most important tourist sites in the cities and saw how high temperatures in Spain can be in cities that do not have access to the sea.  Contrary to the weather conditions, they enjoyed this trip very much.




Weronika Jaromin

My stay in Malaga is coming to an end. I am very happy that despite the limited number of places I managed to get into the project. My dream since childhood was to visit Spain and thanks to this project I was able to make it happen faster than I expected. I am surprised by the charm of this place. I couldn´t have found a better place for my internship. I learned a lot from it. I was a very shy person. After a long stay with people I overcame the language barrier and learned many new things. Despite our very busy agenda, there was also free time. I think I used it in 100%. The Spanish lesson turned out to be very useful. I learned a lot of useful phrases that I can use in my free time here in Malaga. I will be very happy to remember this trip and if I had the opportunity to do it again I would not even hesitate!


Monika Matulak

In my opinion, the stay in Spain was a new experience, I learned a lot, I got to know a new culture. I tried dishes I never even heard about. Thanks to our school and euroMind I had the opportunity to meet new people and their lifestyle.

Jakub Dziwisz

The internship in Malaga was a very helpful experience for me. I learned a few new activities related
to my profession, e.g. computer diagnostics in detecting faults. I also improved my skills in replacing
filter tires and consumables. Because of the contact with the customers at work, I could use the basic
expressions that I had an opportunity to learn on a Spanish course. In my free time I had the
opportunity to get to know the way of life of the people of Malaga, I saw many wonderful monuments,
cathedrals in Malaga and Seville. Staying in Spain for me is an unforgettable encounter with friendly
and always smiling people.


Natalia Bachul

I am very satisfied with the internship, my boss is a very nice, sympathetic very positive person. She
showed me different techniques of dyeing and cutting hair as well as modeling. I followed the
instructions she gave me. At first it was difficult but every day it was getting easier and easier. Im
glad that I had an opportunity to come to Spain for this internship. Thanks to that I will return to
Poland with better skills, which I learned at Gloria´s salon. In my free time I was going to the beach,
talking with my friends and playing games. After lunch I always went to rest and watch movies or
listen to music for relaxation. In the evenings we went for walks with our friends because it´s not as
hot as in the day. I got to know different cultural customs, some of them surprised me a lot.



Project Details

Project Title: Ole! Kołłątaj na podbój Europy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049072
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Jordanów

All Projects, Car mechanics, Construction, Hairdressing, Health & Beauty, Shop Assistant
Beauty, Car mechanic, Carpenter, cars, Constructions, Fashion, Hairdresser, shop assistant