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About This Project

In August 2019, a group of 31 Polish students travelled to Seville to do their internship in various sectors. The interns from Prabuty had a chance to expand their knowledge of Spain, to improve their linguistic competences, and to gain some practical experience.


The group was divided and spread across Seville to work in three different sectors. The first host company greeted ten young car technicians. Their main tasks were comprised of helping with the installation and replacement of car air conditioning, assisting in aligning and repairing wheels, disassembling units such as engines, gearbox, and using manual or electric tools, etc. The students also repaired car body, i.e. welding. The second group worked as IT technicians participating in the development stage of the design and implementation of the system. In addition, they installed, assembled and updated the hardware. The last group was sent to different stores in Seville to do their internship in the trade sector.  Dealing with customer service, stocking shelves, arranging shop windows and displays are all examples of students´ tasks.


Moreover, the interns from Prabuty took part in an intensive Spanish course with a native speaker. They spent an amazing time visiting the most important places in the capital of Andalusia during Seville Tour organized by the euroMind team. The group also went on a trip to Olhão, a small Portuguese town, where they enjoyed the beach. They visited two beautiful cities in Andalusia – Cadiz and Malaga. What is more, the interns went to two companies where they were offered a presentation of products and animation.




 Cezary Chiliński

The first day at the internship was very nice. I was very pleased. I changed oil filter, gasoline filter and air filter. I also repaired a break. Atmosphere at work was very good. The tutor was really helpful. I liked this job.

Mateusz Czeszejko

The first day we met our boss. He was very friendly. Then, we configured an antenna and a router. Our boss showed us company and how to fix the problem with the internet. I was really happy to work there.


Weronika Kurzanowska

The first day of the internship was very interesting, because I got to know the range of my responsibilities in the workplace. My job was to make discounts and tag stack goods.



Project Details

Project Title: Od Technika do Europejczyka. Hola, España!
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049247
Number of participants: 31
Country: Prabuty, Poland

All Projects, Car mechanics, IT, Shop Assistant
Car mechanics, IT technician, shop assistant