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About This Project

In March 2019, Euromind had a pleasure to host a group from Polonia to work in companies dedicated to the sector of CNC, logistics and car mechanics. They were assigned to different companies and they had different tasks accoding to the sector. Those working in logics were mainly:

– Preparing services by obtaining and understanding of all necessary information and documents
– Carring out loading operations that effect the control and organization of the distribution of goods
to be transported
– Performing the unloading operations in order to control and organize the distribution of goods in
the warehouse
– Performing administrative management in transport operations
– Assisting to the realization of the packaging, labeling and storage of goods
– Adding information about shipments and arrivals in the computer program


Students assigned to the car mechanics had tasks such as:

– Helping with the installation and replacement of car air conditioning
– Assisting in aligning and repairing wheels
– Assisting in inspecting and testing new vehicles to detect potential faults
– Helping in lifting the vehicle to a specified level, using a hydraulic jack
– Disassembling units such as engines, gearbox etc. using manual or electric tools
– Performing basic services and repair activities related to car servicing, i.e. oil and filters change,
defective parts replacement, washing of the engine and other car components
– Evaluating the quality of mechanical, electrical and electronic vehicle equipment operations
– Selecting and using measurement instruments and diagnostic equipment in the vehicles
– Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace
– Repairing car body, i.e. welding, brazing, riveting, sheet metal and profiles bonding, assembling
and disassembling of car body components and chassis


Finally, those working in CNC, were:

– Using counters and metrology knowledge
– Interpreting plans
– Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and cleaning the metal
– Placing and at the end of the process removing the piece of metal from the machine
– Checking the results of operations and if it is not satisfactory, call the adjuster
– Cleaning, lubricating and carrying out maintenance of the machine
– Operating CNC Machines
– Analyzing information derived from technical documentation
– Taking care of the order at the place of work


Besides the work placement, students improved their language skills in a dynamic atmosphere receiving Spanish lessons by Euromind team but also discovered the city thanks to Malaga Tour organized by our team. They also had the opportunity to visit other cities such as Seville, Granada, Ronda, Cordoba and Gibraltar and to take part in cultural activities such as flamenco show and tapas night.



Jakub Ozimina

I really enjoyed my monthly internship in Malaga. I learned a lot of new things. Car mechanics that I had a pleasure to work with in Pitlane company are really good teachers. During the workshops organized by euroMind I learned how to work in a team and I improved my creativity. Spanish lessons with Riah were great. We were on many trips but the one I liked the most was the trip to Gibraltar. To sum up, Im really glad that I could spend whole month here!

Dawid Szczypka

I am from Poland and I am a student of ZSSIO school in Bielsko-Biała. At the beginning of my short story, I would like to mention, that it was my first time when I was far away from home. I worked in a toy store. I learned there a lot of new things. The weather in Malaga was very hot for whole month. High temperature and the beautiful beach – it was everything what was necessary to be happy. Great trips, integration with other people, work in my profession and Spanish lessons – that was the best.



Project Details

Project Title: Hiszpańskie staże dla najlepszych
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048135
Number of participants: 17
Country: Bielsko-Biała, Poland

All Projects, Car mechanics, CNC, Logistics
Car mechanics, CNC, Logistics