Polish students came to Malaga to gain experience as cooks, housekeepers, waiters and receptionists | Euromind
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About This Project

In February 2019, Euromind greeted 20 polish students working in the field of hotel industry and gastronomy. They were assigned to different companies depending on their preferences to do the internship for 3 weeks. They had different tasks depending on the field they worked in.


Students working in the field of gastronomy learn about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialtiesas well as how to serve meals to clients, wash and dry kitchen pots/ utensils ensuring their proper storage. They had to weight, measure and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment, to carry out a process of vacuum packaging, prepare seafood salads and other local products. They also had to arrange the working space in the kitchen, prepare the ingredients for consumption or cook. wash, cut and peel fruit and vegetables as well as meat and finally check the quality of food by tasting it or using appropriate kitchen utensils


Those working as waiters were mainly setting tables with clean linen or placemats, cutlery, crockery and glasses, preparing buffet (meats, cereals, yogurts, bakeries, fruit, hot dishes), talking to guests about the menu and drinks and recommending combinations, promoting local products and attractions to visitors from Spain and from the overseas, taking customers’ orders and passing them to kitchen staff or bar attendants, erving food and drinks, collecting table reservations and clearing tables and returning dishes and cutlery to the kitchen


Students working as housekeepers learned to check if the rooms have been vacated before cleaning, make beds daily and changing bed linen, clean vacuum carpets, floors, and upholstery, bathrooms and supplying fresh towels and toiletries, check and restock tea, coffee, sugar, milk and mini bar supplies, make sure that televisions, radios, lights and air conditioning equipment are working, report to a supervisor when articles are left behind by guests, if there is any damage in the
rooms or if any items appear to have been stolen.


Finally, one student working as a receptionist learned how to assist in welcoming the guest to the hostel and arranging reservations, in check-ins and check-outs and complete procedures when guests arrive and leave, to take notes of guests concerns and paying attention to special requests in a professional way and to help guests with luggage storage, storing valuable objects. They also were ordering taxis, providing tourist information about the city and the region, contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems, updating information on hotel booking websites, translating and interpreting if required and performing administrative activities.


Besides the work placement, the students could enjoy the Andalusian spirit, discovering Malaga and Granada. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to learn more about Spanish language and culture thanks to Spanish lessons provided by Euromind team.


Natalia Zwolińska

There is a friendly and pleasant atmosphere at work. The language barrier does not prevent you
from getting along. We learn a lot of important things on a Spanish course, which we later use in
practice. Trips that are organized are always thought out and it is a pleasant time for relaxation but also for acquiring knowledge. I spend my free time with friends mostly on the beach or in the city, we try to use as much as possible. At the resort, we feel comfortable and safe. I really like the trip, I’d love to come back here again.

Natalia Jasica

The hotel that I had practice made my stay in Malaga really good. People in there were really
friendly and ready to help. The Inturjoven fulfilled the basic requirements and for me, that’s the
most important thing. Trip to Grenada was very successful and for sure it will rest in my memory
for a long time. From Spanish course I learned some basic phrases, lessons were taught in a very
friendly atmosphere.


Project Details

Project Title: Zdobywanie umiejętności zawodowych podczas mobilności zagranicznych
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA116-036193
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Zduńska Wola

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry
cook, gastronomy, Hospitality, hotel reception, receptionist