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About This Project

In 2019, January we had a pleasure to host a group of 5 students from France who were willing to work in zoological and botanical garden in Seville. Even though, the company describe themselves as an extraordinary place, where animals and plants are exhibited as singularities of nature. Here, both animals and plants receive special care that illustrates the passion of local vets and gardeners for life and nature. The philosophy of this place is based on treating nature with the most care and respect, and on providing animals with conditions as close as possible to their natural environment. Thus, the students were introduced to a different working culture, where everyone is truly passionate about taking care of animals and plants and were given different tasks and responsibilities, such as:


– Feeding and watering animals
– Cleaning and disinfecting cages and other work areas
– Handling and moving animals safely
– Checking the environment (for example, temperature and humidity)
– Monitoring the condition of animals and recognizing, and resolving any behavioural problems
– Obtaining samples and measurements
– Collecting and recording data
– Ensuring animals are kept clean and comfortable
– Administering medicines


Besides students’ training program, they also had many other leisure activities to enjoy Seville! For example, shot but intense and dynamic Spanish language course to get a deeper insight in Spanish culture and be able to understand it better. Moreover, students had an opportunity to explore the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of Andalusia- Seville. The city is a historical masterpiece full of monuments, gardens and flamenco festivals, which also reflects the harmony between different Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures and religions.


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Farès Kada

My internship in Seville has been amazing. During the three weeks I spent there, I learnt a lot of interesting things about the working manner in Spain taking care of animals. This experience taught me how important is the teamwork and the communication with the colleagues. The only thing required me a lot of efforts in adapting myself has been the hot! Thanks for the useful and funny experience.

Manon Garcia

During these 3 weeks in Seville I learned a lot of interesting thing about the way of work in Spain. At same time I had a lot of fun and everything has been perfect and well organized. The workmates in the company where I had my internship, were very nice and always willing to help me, even if the language barrier has been very hard, mostly at beginning.  Very good experience!



Project Details

Project Title:
Project Number:2016-1-FR01-KA102-023307
Number of participants: 5
Country: France, Brens

Agriculture, All Projects, Gardening, Laboratory, Veterinary
Agriculture, Animals, Botanics, Gardening, Plants, Veterinary