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About This Project

In January 2019, A group of professionals came to participate in job shadowing in Spain. They attended 4days length vocational training in one of the private schools in Seville.The school provides vocational education at basic and advanced (lower and higher) levels. Students are trained in such fields as: programing mechanical production, electro technical systems, developing electronic elements, motorization, mechanics, electronic and electrical installations, applied electronics. The school has rich experience in mobility programmes in such countries as the USA, Ireland, Swiss, Italy. The school is very well equipped with modern technological devices, which are vastly used during the lessons of the vocational classes. In each classroom, there are interactive whiteboards and the students use tablets except for course books. Participants liked the idea and would like to implement to their school in the future as it works very well. Moreover, the professionals compared the school they work in and the one they had visited here and identified some main differences and similarities:

– Both schools are training vocationally.

– Kęty is a small town in the south of Poland whilst Seville is a very important touristic


– There is quite high level of unemployment in Kęty which is the main reason of searching

for job abroad.

– Many of the students have never travelled abroad, that is why taking part in Erasmus+

international apprenticeships raise opportunities to broaden their experiences and

chances at the European labour market.


According to the participants, taking part in the project improved their personal and vocational experience and during their participation they were:

– developing the professional skills (participation in job shadowing visit)

-gaining experience in using English (English was the main language of the project)

-increasing the mobility of teaching staff in terms of quality and quantity

-increasing employment and career opportunities.

-increasing students’ motivation to participate in different forms of training

and to develop vocational skills

-increasing practical skills in scope of using innovative methods and

techniques of teaching

-getting to know with Spanish educational system and exchanging the

experience with the teachers form Spain

-getting to know the history, culture, cuisine of Spain

– learning the ability of working in culturally diverse team.


To sum up, the participation in the project seemed like a great experience to the professionals in all the possible ways. EuroMind had a pleasure hosting the group and supporting the cultural and professional exchange.



Project Details

Project Title: Międzynarodowe kształcenie i szkolenie zawodowe szansą na budowanie nowoczesnej Europy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048200
Number of participants: 10
Country: Poland, Kety


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