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About This Project

A group of 14 Polish students spent two weeks in the capital of Andalusia working as CNC operators. The euroMind team welcomed them in September 2019.


They learnt many new things during their internship, such as safety and health requirements in machining workshop or montage of cut tool for raw materials. The interns also fabricated parts and controlled machining process. They designed 3D parts using a computer and CAD/CAM software, etc.


What is more, the group had a chance to explore the capital of Andalusia during their stay. Seville tour organized by the euroMind let them know the most beautiful places in the city. They also spent a nice time eating tapas in a traditional Spanish bar. The numerous opportunities to gain new knowledge also included taking part in study visits and in a Spanish course given by native speakers. The visits organized by the host companies let the students gain more insight into the functioning of CNC machinery.



Łukasz Kukuczka

During my internship in Seville, I learned many new things about our field of study – mechatronics. In the first week I learned design theory in CATIA V5, where I designed in 3D and prepared projects for machining on CNC milling machines. The exercises that had to be done were more and more interesting but also more difficult. In the second week of the internship we focused on the practice and our previously created project were produced on CNC machines.

Aleksander Kopeć

I remember seeing the recruitment results of PO WER. I was so stressed, I really wanted to go to this internship. My dreams came true and the effort I put in grinding languages and learning technical subjects paid off. The internships in Spain certainly taught me how to be independent. Learning design and programming will definitely come in handy after returning to Poland. I did not think that you could learn so many new and difficult things in 2-week time.



Project Details

Project Title: POW ER Kształć sie globalnie pracuj lokalnie
Project Number: POWERVET-2018-1-PL01-KA102-049205
Number of participants: 14
Country: Poland, Cieszyn

All Projects, CNC
CNC operator, mechatronics