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About This Project

In February, euroMind welcomed a group of 18 students from Poland to Seville. Here, the students were carrying out a group work placement in a marketing campaign, particularly focusing on photographic advertising.


This placement involved the group learning a number of new skills, as well as further developing their existing skills. Some of these included getting to know the main stages and phases necessary to create and expand an online shop, and becoming familiar with the basic procedures used to create and manage online databases. They were also given an introduction to simple web programming, and acquired the basic skills required to manage an online shop. Finally, the group were able to improve their teamwork and creative capacities and the various techniques associated with them.


Beyond the daily tasks of their placements, the group also took part in a number of cultural activities during their time in the south of Spain. The first of these was a flamenco show and subsequent masterclass. The group had the chance to watch an hour-long flamenco show, experiencing many different flamenco styles, artists, songs, and dances. They then took part in a 20-minute masterclass run by the dancers in the show to allow them to learn and put into practice some basic flamenco concepts. Within the city of Seville, the group received a tour by euroMind of the most historically important landmarks, as well as attended a tapas night where they spent an evening experiencing the social atmosphere of a typical Spanish tapas bar. Additionally, the group visited a few other cities in Andalusia. The first of these was Malaga, where they explored a number of magnificent monuments and buildings, as well as had the chance to relax on the famous Malagueta beach. Finally, the group visited Cordoba, where they visited the Mezquita (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Alcazar, and the Calahorra Tower which houses a museum detailing the interesting culture of the city.


The group thoroughly enjoyed their time in Spain. They will remember it dearly and intend on using their newly acquired skills for future projects, both educational and cultural.


“The environment we worked in was quite different to usual, high school life, but it was a great lesson to learn. Our work experience was great and we can say with full certainty – we gained a lot of knowledge here. However, while the main focus was our training, we also had a lot of fun getting to know Spaniards and their interesting culture. We also got to learn a bit of Spanish language. It was hard and new to us, but that knowledge helped us when we tried to make purchases or just getting along with people in the street.”



Project Details

Project Title: Europejskie staże-kluczem do kariery w życiu zawodowym
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048647
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Bydgoszcz

All Projects, Business Administration, Marketing
advertising, marketing