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About This Project

In February, a group of 18 Polish students were hosted by euroMind in Úbeda, to carry out a two week-long work experience placement. Here, they were working as administrative assistants and logistics.


This placement had a number of tasks and actions that the students carried out, and others that they became more familiar with on their placement. Part of them worked on the administrative related positions, they have been dealing with tasks like administrating offers, orders, payments, claims, preparing and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems, maintaining and updating records management database systems and others, the other 9 students were responsible for organizing products in both the store and warehouse areas, as well as monitoring the data collection systems, optimizing space and handling times. They were also helping to set prices in the goods which are on the pallets and to manage the logistics ticket system.


Apart from their practices, they also had a possibility to travel around Andalusia region. Their first trip was to Seville: a genuine city of flamenco, fiestas, siestas and fiery Hispanic passion. The city is lustrously painted with its elegant Arabian heritage and dramatic roman history. The trainees started the trip by visiting the famous Maria Luisa park on the Plaza de America and then went to the Plaza de España, continued through the tobacco factory to the Cathedral and the famous Giralda. The tour pointed out the most interesting historic and artistic landmarks, as well as showing them the best places for food and drink within the city.


The group also had the chance to visit another city in Andalusia – Cordoba. During the last thousand years the city experienced the flowering of three major religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Currently, the city is an industrial, scientific and tourist center of global importance. To this day, it connects people of different cultures coming here from different parts of the world. In Cordoba, the group visited the Mezquita (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), a cathedral that used to be an Islamic mosque; the Alcazar; the Calahorra Tower; and the Roman Bridge of Cordoba.

The trainees also took part in a tapas night, which was a fantastic opportunity to try the local cuisine in a local bar, and to experience an authentic Spanish atmosphere as well as the tapas specialities. They took part in Flamenco dance workshop where they learned some basic steps. They discovered that Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain. We also organized an Úbeda tour, visited Museum of Artisan Poetry Paco Tito and relaxed during a bowling afternoon.


The students have enjoyed their time and experiences in Ubeda, both in and out of the offices, and are grateful for the opportunities that this Euro mobility project will offer them in their future careers.


Julia Rupieta

I think the internship is very successful. I have learned a lot, met many wonderful people, improved my group work skills. I have learned Spanish. I learned the reality of working in different conditions and in different countries. Despite the language barrier I get along very well with my colleagues and I would like to stay here.




Patryk Pawlas

I recommend my place of internship to everyone. The atmosphere was great. When I needed help, I got it. I got along very well with my colleagues. I felt very comfortable doing my job. They taught me to speak Spanish and thanks to them the Spanish culture is closer to me.



Dominika Pietrzak

I find the internships useful. The tutor was very calm and taught me a lot. I got to know a lot of new programs and the difference between the functioning of companies in Poland and Spain. The atmosphere at work was very pleasant.






Project Details

Project Title: Wspólny rynek - wspólne doświadczenia - wspólny rozwój
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063900
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Zielona Góra

All Projects, Business Administration, Logistics
administration, business administration, economist, logistcs, Logistic Assistant