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About This Project

In April 2019, Euromind hosted a group of 16 Bulgarian students for two weeks in order to gain more knowledge about developing and creating video games.


They could learn more about this sector in a host company based in Seville. The team of the host company constitutes with 7 talented individuals, accumulating all necessary skills and experience to develop computer games: production, programming, art, design, and sound. Thanks to the horizontal organization of work and clear policy focused on constant excellence seeking, it is also a great place for European students and graduates who want to gain relevant experience and perform an effective internship.


There, the Bulgarian students were mainly creating land in order to use it as a base for the game, creating animations in Unity, adding interactive interfaces to the game, designing a silhouette, editing images and silhouette in Photoshop and adding and editing materials and colors in Maya and applying them correctly in Unity 3D… They also had the opportunity to learn more about the installation and basic elements of Unity architecture, the montage of scenes: creating and modifying scenes, using camera and Prefab light system, importing and employing 3D models …


During their study visit in a Sevillan company, students learned necessary skills in computer games development such as production, programming, art, design, and sound – all essential for the creation of successful computer games.


They could also get deeper insight into the Andalusian culture thanks to the Spanish course organized by the Euromind team, a paella night, a sport competition with Spanish people, and also a city tour. They traveled to two Andalusian cities, Cadiz and Granada. We hope they enjoyed their stay in Seville!


Kristiyan Krasimirov Naydenov

Everything was perfect and I am very satisfied that I learned a lot of things by my tutor. He is very friendly and explains everything in an easy to understand way.

Yasen Vasilev Nenov

I think this place is amazing. The teacher was amazing to all of us, he was always ready to answer our questions. Overall it was good.



Project Details

Project Title: Практика за Европейско бъдеще
Project Number: 2018-1-BG01-KA102-047262
Number of participants: 16
Country: Bulgaria, Pernik

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