Mobile app and video games developers from Turkey enjoying their internship in the capital of Andalusia! | Euromind
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About This Project

This time we were visited by a group of 10 students from the other continent from the school Ozel Mesafe Koleji in the city Bursa, Turkey.

After a long journey from their school  to Seville, they were able to enjoy their internship in this beautiful city during two weeks. Students did their internship in the field of informatics. Five students were learning how to install and configurate the Android Studio development environment for Android mobile app development, implement navigation and testing the application templates. Also they were designing UI components in mobile apps using models  and using programmes of hardware components of mobile device apps. As the last part of this practice was to learn how to implement database maintenance in the mobile app using database structures. As a final project was to publish  complete mobile apps. Another five students were learning how to programm in C# and working with use of the programme Unity 3D.  Designing and implementing UI or gameplay programming.

During their free time, they had great cultural activities, which allowed them to get to know better Spanish culture and Spanish customs. During the weekend, they had organized 2 trips to the city of Cadiz and Cordoba.




The tasks that I had to do, of them were very learning-oriented and useful. Im sure I will see a lot of benefits in the future. In the workplace, the tutor who took care of us was a very nice person. He was calm, patient and tolerant towards us. The equipment is also fine. Im very satisfied. The accommodation was good except for the taste of the food. Im happy that I could see another country and meet new people and while doing all this, I received training on my interests. It was great.


I have seen particular things that would help me in my professional life. The workplace was quite well and I loved it. In the accommodation, the food could be better, but it was not so bad, but I expected less of this, I would give it 6 out of 10. Overall, it was a great chance to meet other people from other nations. The city and euromind program were perfect.



Project Details

Project Title: Preparing for Industry 4.0
Project Number: 2019-1-TR01-KA102- 064178
Number of participants: 10
Country: Bursa, Turkey

All Projects, IT, video games, Web Development
Mobile apps, Video games, web developer