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About This Project

In April we hosted in Seville a group of Belgian trainees from Lier. It was a group of twelve students of IT, waiters, tour guides, receptionists, nursery teachers, shop assistants and administrative. They spent here three weeks improving their professional and language skills.




The trainees from the IT sector were installing, assembling and upgrading hardware, and dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components. The waiters were assisting in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at a scheduled time. In reception sector, they were searching new interesting information, stories about the city, bars or restaurants to go and activities to do. The nursery teacher intern was planning educational activities and providing children with basic processes of social interaction. The trainees from the shop sector were dealing with customer service and supporting the sales process.



Trainees from Belgium took a part in many cultural activities. They took part in a very intensive Spanish course and spent one day on the trip in Seville tour, where they saw a historical masterpiece full of monuments, gardens and flamenco festivals. The trainees also traveling by bike to visited the most important places and monuments in the city and had an opportunity to prepare your own unique paella under the watchful eye of our amazing professional cook.




We hope that they spent really wonderful time on their practice and the things they learned will help them build their careers.



Akopyan  Armine:

‘I’m very satisfied with my internship because my Spanish knowledge is really improved and I got to work with a very nice and enthusiastic team.  That experience I will never forget!’.



Sophie Luyten:

‘I am really satisfied with my internship! The people were very friendly. Mostly I went outside and I gave flyers to people. I have done a lot of tours in different languages. It was fun to see the city and get some new information.  Thank you / Gracias’.


Anamaria Mahilaj:

‘I am very happy about my internship because my colleagues were really nice. I also had to use a lot of languages like Spanish, English, Dutch, French, and German. All the people there were really nice’.



Project Details

Project Title: SUI Abroad - Join us in learning
Project Number: 2017-1-BE02-KA116-034590
Number of participants: 12
City & country: Lier (Belgium)

All Projects, Business Administration, Hotel Industry, IT, Restaurant industry, Shop Assistant, Tourism