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About This Project

It is often said that number 13 brings bad luck, but not in this case! 13 Portuguese trainees went to their neighbouring country to go on a two-month internship in Seville. All trainees worked as waiters in hotels and restaurants and were able to improve their skills, competences and knowledge both in their field of work, as learning the Spanish language. They carried out plenty of different tasks, such as:


  • Performing support tasks to the restaurant brigade, namely implementing the mise-en-place, cleaning and sanitation of premises;
  • Supporting the organization of the dining room, namely caring for customers;
  • Participating in bar service: organization and replacement of raw materials necessary for the service;
  • Collaborating in the implementation of special services: coffee breaks, banquets, cocktails, and others;
  • Conducting various types of room service, in accordance with the directives of the hierarchy;
  • Replacing raw materials, including wines and other beverages, helping carrying out some tasks in support of the Bursar.


We are sure the trainees learnt a huge amount of new things working abroad and hope they all look back with positive memories and enthusiasm to work in the hotel and restaurant industry in the future.



Elisabete Soares:

‘I found it challenging to cross the linguistic barrier and to use my Spanish language skills, but I believe it was a very positive experience doing so. I liked my workplace and think I learned a lot through observing my colleagues and interacting with customers.’


Danilo Gregório:

‘I liked working at my placement because it gave me the chance to practise my customer service skills in a new and dynamic environment. I was able to cross cultural and linguistic barriers and I think I did so successfully.’



Project Details

Project Title: Go and work in Europe / Go and learn in Europe
Project Number: KA102-000327
Number of participants: 13
City & country: Ourém (Portugal)

All Projects, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry