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About This Project

In November Ubeda hosted 20 Polish trainees from Czerwionka. They came to Spain for three weeks to take part in an international internship. They worked to develop their professional abilities in fields of: gastronomy, hospitality, electricity, logistics and advertisement.



In the companies where they were working, they carried out many tasks, which let them gain experience and self-confidence.

The gastronomy trainees were working in restaurants, where they learned about the typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties. The hospitality students had many various tasks. They were working in the reception, they were responsible for the room service and they had to provide guests with the touristic information. Electricians were assisting in the installation of light system, its components and they were responsible for preparing the worksite. The logistic interns were receiving the supplies and they were in charge of placing products in the warehouse and in the shop.  The advertisement technicians had to becoming familiar with graphic design and advertising strategies. They helped to design and create business cards, logos and various promotional and advertising materials such as posters, brochures or catalogues.

All trainees took part in Spanish course, what helped them to communicate at work and in everyday situations during they stay.


The group had the opportunity to visit many beautiful Spanish places. The euroMind´s coordinator took students on a walk around Ubeda and Baeza, known for their impressive Renaissance inheritance. They went on a day trip to the seaside to Nerja where enjoyed the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, but they also entered the famous caves of Nerja. Another day they spend in the mountains visiting small Andalucian town Cazorla and the biggest Natural Reserve in Spain.
We hope this experience will be for them unforgettable and fruitful in their professional carriers as well as in their personal lives.


W.Nalewajko 1
Wiktoria Nalewajko

‘I am completely satisfied with the internship. I was surprised that I could carry out so many responsible tasks on my own. My tutor was great, friendly and very helpful. I am happy that I came to Spain. I learned many new, interesting and useful things’.


Paweł Cichowski:

‘I am completely satisfied with the internship. There was no day that I would not do something interesting and learn something new. All my colleagues were helpful and they tried to share with me their knowledge. I think this experience will help me in my future career’.


Kamil Ślosarczyk

‘I am satisfied with the internship. I learned many things helpful in my profession. I met nice people and I practiced English and Spanish language’.



Project Details

Project Title: Pogłębianie kompetencji kluczowych drogą do sukcesu zawodowego
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025295
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Czerwionka Leszczyny (Poland)

All Projects, Electricians, Gastronomy, Graphic Design, Hotel Industry, Logistics, Marketing, Restaurant industry