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About This Project

New year, new groups, new projects! In 2015 we started off with this group of 16 Polish trainees who carried out all kinds of internships in Ubeda. They worked in the culinary, dressmaking, logistics, IT and economy sector at various local host companies. They carried out tasks such as:


  • Handling sewing machines
  • Planning and organizing materials and products flows of a company in supply chains
  • Installing operating system from different data carries
  • Planning and undertaking marketing activities in a company
  • Using equipment and facilities for the preparation and dispatch of food and drinks


Apart from that, the trainees took part in Spanish classes, tasted the local food during tapas night and went on a day-trip to Malaga.



Krystian Mądry:

‘I think that the company I worked at is the best from the IT sector. The people working there are very professional and take their work seriously. They are also easy-going and funny people what helped me to feel fine working there. This work placement gave me the opportunity to learn Spanish and as a consequence I was able to communicate very well in Spanish with other employees. I will never forget this experience and one day I will come back here.’


Mateusz Bartkowiak:

‘It was a really great experience! I met new, interesting people. I gained new experience in the logistics sector and I improved not only my English but also my Spanish vocabulary, especially from the sector. I wish I could stay here longer!’



Project Details

Project Title: Bądź lepszy w zawodzie
Project Number: 2014-1-PL1-KA102-001479
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Grodzisk Wielkopolski (Poland)

All Projects, Fashion Design, Food Production, Gastronomy, IT, Logistics, Marketing, Restaurant industry