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About This Project

In October group of 16 students from Grodzisk Wielkopolski arrived in Malaga to carry out a 3-weeks internship in different sectors. Students get an opportunity to learn new information about their jobs, also they were lucky to make new friends and live in other culture, during their staying trainees were hosted by euroMind.


All students get a unique experience in different positions, during the internship they were getting a variety of tasks, which helped them to improve their knowledge about their jobs. Here they were working as Administrative, Computer Numerical Control operators, Logistics, Graphic designers, IT programmers/IT technicians.


Logistics were preparing services by obtaining an understanding of all necessary information and documents. Carrying out loading operations that affect the control and organization of the distribution of goods to be transported. Performing the unloading operations to control and organize the distribution of goods in the warehouse.


Computer Numerical Control operators were dismantling the CNC machines/ lathes /machining centers. Cleaning machines. Making reparations and assembling machines. Making mechanical and electronic repairs. Analyzing breakdowns. Making external repairs (assisting the technicians).


Administrative was providing professional, courteous, and friendly service to the clients. Creating and modifying documents using Microsoft Office. Performing general office duties. Using photocopier, printer, and scanner.


Graphic designers were designing and creating graphic elements and logos for products and businesses following the client’s requirements and wants. Assisting in the development of the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, etc. Becoming familiar with graphic design strategies. Using pictures for updating and uploading new advertising content.


IT programmers/IT technicians were programming with JavaScript. Managing social networks. Programming with WordPress. Using layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, C++, HTML, and CSS.


During their stay in Malaga, the trainees not only developed their work skills but also took part in different cultural activities such as the Malaga tour. Also, students were traveling around the Andalusian region, they visited Ronda, Granada.


Students get sufficient Spanish courses with our Spanish teacher, we emphasize practice, so during lessons students play a lot, because we think the game is the best teacher. Spanish classes can be described in two words: dynamic and practical. That is why, after intensive and hard learning, the students had written an exam. All the participants passed with very good results!


Anna Maria Dodat

I really enjoyed participating in the project. During the internship, I gained a lot of new skills. During my stay, I improved my English and learned the basics of Spanish. I got to know a new culture, I tried famous Spanish dishes, I visited many beautiful places that I will definitely remember. I liked Spain very much and I will definitely. come back here in the future.


Wiktoria Helena Banach

I have been on a professional internship for the last three weeks. This internship took place in Spain, specifically in Malaga. Participation in the internship allowed me to improve my language skills and gain professional experience. Thanks to my participation in the project, I had the opportunity to get to know the culture, meet new people, and learn Spanish. It was great. I really enjoyed it !!!


Krystian Książek

The trip was very interesting. There were excursions every day. I got to know Spanish culture. There were Spanish classes, which I liked to attend. I tried traditional dishes and I fall in love with them. I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places as well as monuments. I spent my free time first resting after hard work and then going out to the city or the beach.





Project Details

Project Title: Umiejętności praktyczne drogą do europejskiego sukcesu
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA116-062493
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Grodzisk Wielkopolski

All Projects, CNC, Logistics
administrative, CNC operator, logistic, Logistic operator