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About This Project

In December, euroMind in Seville hosted a group of 20 Polish students for two weeks. On their trip, the students carried out a number of individual work placements, working in positions including graphic design, waiting and waitressing, hotel receptions, logistics, as CNC operators, and cooks.


All of the different placements had a number of responsibilities that the students carried out. The trainees working as graphic designers had the opportunity to become familiar with the latest technologies used within the graphic design sector, and used this knowledge to help prepare designs for the company´s clients. Those who worked as wait staff learnt about dishes typical of Sevillian restaurants, so that they could provide advice and information on available dishes, and promote local products to the visitors, both from Spain and further abroad. The receptionist trainees assisted in the guest check-in and check-out processes, and learnt to pay particular attention to the individual needs of the clients. Those working in logistics were responsible for organizing products in both the store and warehouse areas, as well as monitoring the data collection systems. The main tasks that the CNC operators were responsible for included operating and monitoring CNC machines, and analyzing information derived from technical documentation. Finally, the students working as chefs and cooks were able to learn about typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties, in order to assist in the preparation of these dishes within the restaurants.


Beyond the activities of their placements, the trainees were also able to experience a number of cultural activities which enhanced their stay in Seville. The first of these activities that they attended was a Tapas night, which gave the trainees the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, and experience an authentic Spanish social atmosphere while tasting Andalusian specialties. The next of these experiences was a tour of Seville, run by euroMind, which allowed the trainees to experience the capital of the Andalusian region from both a historical and artistic point of view. They were also shown where the best food places were, along with the good places to relax. Furthermore, the group visited Malaga on one of their weekends. Here they explored the old Roman Theatre and the Cathedral, and finished their trip on Malagueta Beach. Finally, the trainees had the opportunity to visit another city in the South of Spain; Cordoba. During this trip, they visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mezquita, a site which used to be an Islamic mosque, however was later converted into a Catholic denominational Christian cathedral. They also visited the Alcazar, the Calahorra Tower and museums, and the Roman Bridge of Cordoba.


The students enjoyed their time in Seville, and intend on applying the skills they learnt from their work experience placements, to their work back in Poland. They have enjoyed learning about Spanish culture, and in particular, how their individual work sectors operate in Seville.


Ilona Wróbel

During my professional work placement, I took the position of a computer graphic designer. At work, I performed tasks asked for by the boss. Cooperation with other employees was nice and I didn’t have problems with language. I learned to work with advanced programs for photo processing and creating graphics. Thanks to this work placement I am aware of the responsibility for my tasks entrusted to me. I had the opportunity to learn, use, and improve on my own skills acquired at school.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki w Hiszpanii szansą rozwoju zawodowego
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063244
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Pionkach

All Projects, CNC, Gastronomy, Graphic Design, Hotel Industry, Logistics, Restaurant industry, Shop Assistant, stocking
CNC operator, cook, Graphic designer, logistic, receptionist, waiter