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About This Project

At the start of Summer 20 Polish students came to Sevilla in order to enjoy the clear blue skies, hot weather but to equally take part in a life-changing internship in their respective fields of work: hotel industry, logistics, event organization, administration and housekeeping. During their time abroad they have managed to greatly improve both their professional, linguistic and social skills.


Their main tasks across the different sectors include the following:


  • Collaborating in the design of holiday packages incorporating principles of responsible tourism
  • Assisting in the search for travel agencies and guided tours around Andalucía and abroad
  • Cooperating in the classification, encoding and signing of products that arrive to the warehouse
  • Contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems
  • Updating information on hotel booking websites
  • Providing children with basic processes of social interaction: listening, protection, valuing, facilitating expressing emotions and feelings, eliminating conflicts and tensions in a group
  • Performing activities dedicated to facilitate process of socialization and adaptation in a group
  • Reporting to a supervisor when articles are left behind by guests, if there is any damage in the rooms or if any items appear to have been stolen
  • Carrying out loading operations that effect the control and organization of the distribution of goods to be transported
  • Registering the merchandise movements and controlling good state of the products


During their stay this motivated group managed to successfully complete their traineeships at their respective local host companies. But after hours, their was plenty of time left for them to enjoy and explore the beautiful sights of Sevilla and its many temptations. They for ex. took part in a Seville bike tour and saw an authentic flamenco show.



Aleksandra Frydel:

‘I like my job, I have a lot of tasks and usually they are varied. I have a nice tutor, with whom I get on well. At work, I speak English and Spanish with customers or on the phone, so I am learning new Spanish words. With my tutor I am communicating in English and Spanish. I was really keen on the bicycle trip we did around Seville as well as the other entertaining activities euroMind had planned for us.’


Mateusz Kubisz:

The atmosphere in the euroMind office is really good. Everyone in here is helpful and always smiling. I have good working conditions at the office, my own desk and laptop. At first I prepared an article about Acceptus which was quite useful because I have gained a lot of knowledge about the company. I am really satisfied with the cooperation with my tutor.’



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyka zawodowa jako szansa na przyszłość
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-015610
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Dzierżoniów (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Hotel Industry, Logistics, Social work, Tourism