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About This Project

In July, a group of students from Poland took part in the internship program. They are students of various sectors such as hospitality, IT and logistics. During their 3 weeks stay they were practicing what they already knew but also, they were learning new skills. Throughout their interships, their main tasks were:

  • Provide customers with the menu, provide information about its content and other advice, recommend combinations;
  • Reporting to a supervisor when articles are left behind by guests, if there is any damage in the rooms or if any items appear to have been stolen;
  • Assisting in welcoming the guest to the hostel and arranging reservations;
  • Updating information on hotel booking websites;
  • Repairing or replacing broken parts (troubleshooting);
  • Determining the cause of the fault and the required spare parts for intervention;
  • Supporting the data collection system;
  • Marking and updating prices of products;

Their adventure in Spain however, was not only about work. They had a chance to get to know Spanish culture and tradicion. They have visited the most important monuments in Seville and also, they tried Spanish food during Paella Night. Participants also could enjoy trips to another places such as Malaga, Tavira – small town on the south of Portugal and, Cadiz which is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. They also sunbathed on the beautiful beaches of Matlaskaña and they have climbed a Rock of Gibraltar. Throughout their 3 weeks, they also took course of Spanish language.

We hope this experience fullfiled their expectations and they will come back here one day.



Martyna Śliwa - 2

Martyna Śliwa:

I worked as a floor service (maid) in a hotel in Seville. Neatness is one of the most important things in hotels organization. I have met many passionate people. They were always helpful and caring. Moreover, I have learned basic phrases in Spanish and I have overcome the language barrier. Training in Seville let me gain experience and learn about the culture of Spain as well. I spent my free time trough sightseeing and hanging out with friends. I will miss these people and beautiful views for sure.

Jacek Kopyciok

Jacek Kopyciok:

I was on the three- week journey in Spain during which I had a few trips. I was on the Gibraltar – territory of Great Britain, from the highest point, The Rock of Gibraltar where it is possible to see the edge of Africa. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where macaques (monkeys) live on the loose. The monkeys were cute but I was scared of them. Then I was in Tavira – a charming city in southern Portugal by the Atlantic Ocean, the beach there is amazing and the ocean is warm and salty, but its good. I lived in Seville where I saw flamenco dance, I got to know Spanish culture and I visited Plaza de España, where The Star Wars were recorded.
And the main purpose of the journey was gaining experience in foreign companies. I worked as a receptionist in the hostel and it was an interesting experience. Working in the company where nobody speaks Polish and only several people speak English was difficult, but it helped me to understand Spanish language better. It might seem that working at the reception desk in a hotel is a simple thing, maybe it is, but not when you don’t know the language and you are working as a receptionist for the first time. Fortunately, I have worked in a wonderful team and they have always helped me when I had a problem. The practices thought me that I can’t give up and I have to try to solve my problems and when I can’t do it on my own I can ask someone to help me. I gained new experience at work in the hotel and I broke my language barrier. It was an unusual adventure.

Karol Bartczak

Karol Barczak:

During my IT training in Seville I have learned a bit of new stuff, but also practiced things I’ve already known. I was working on laptops (never did that before), personal computers, installing OS (Windows, Windows Server etc). I have enjoyed my time here due to a nice climate and interesting environment. Seville has a lot of interesting buildings which are easily available. In my spare time, I was randomly hanging out with my friends or going on various trips with my group. I have surely had an interesting experience here and got  valuable training in IT.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczne staże kluczem do sukcesu zawodowego
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036277
Number of participants: 32
City & country: Knurów (Poland)

All Projects, Hotel Industry, IT, Logistics