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About This Project

In October, euroMind team in Úbeda welcomed a group of 18 Polish students from Zespół Szkół Skórzano-Odzieżowych, Stylizacji i Usług in Radom. These students were carrying out internships in two different sectors: laboratory analyst and hairdresser.


8 Trainees took their internship in the Laboratory, which mainly deals with the analysis of olive oil. Therefore, at the beginning of the internship, the group had familiar with the entire olive oil production process like planting, harvesting, delivery of olives to the warehouse, and olive processing in such a way as to be able to obtain the best quality oil. Trainees also had to learn to distinguish between different types of olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or pomade oil. All this knowledge was necessary for trainees to undertake the main task, which was to produce own olive oil at the laboratory level, using special machines, and then perform chemical analysis, which was accompanied by many mathematical calculations to determine the quality and acidity of the oil. During the internship, the trainees also had the opportunity to make cosmetics, the main ingredient of which was olive oil.


10 Trainees completed their internships in various hair salons in Úbeda. During the internships, they had the opportunity to learn about various methods and techniques of hairdressers, which are most often used in Spain when it comes to the hairdressing sector. In addition to performing basic hair treatments, trainees used special mannequins to learn new hairstyles and then they could apply acquired skills in practice serving with the client.


Beyond the activities of their various traineeship, the group participated in various cultural activities. They had the opportunity to visit the city of Úbeda with the euroMind coordinator. Úbeda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and thanks to the perfectly preserved buildings from the 16th century is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting the city, the group learned about the history of the most representative buildings of Ubeda. Then at the weekend, they had the opportunity to go on a trip to the picturesque Andalusian town of Priego de Córdoba. What characterizes the city the most is its narrow streets with lots of flowers hung on the walls of buildings and magnificent baroque churches.


For each of the students the internship in Spain was unforgettable experience which helped them improve their skills but also make friends and get to know Spanish culture. Some of them will definitely come back here soon!


Aleksandra Pępczyńska

The atmosphere in the laboratory was nice and pleasant. The first few days were difficult and stress increases anxiety. At first, I was afraid to do something wrong, but then I understood that I was there to learn and practice. Then everything went very well. Everyone helped us a lot. Juan and José taught us a lot; despite the language barrier, they tried to explain everything so that we understood it well. I learned a lot and improved my skills.


Hubert Boniecki

My internship takes place in the laboratory. I really like chemistry and that is why I was very interested in what we did there. The tutors approached each one individually and tried to explain everything step by step. In the laboratory, I learned a lot of new things about the production and analysis of olive oil.

Wiktoria Dalach

During the internship, I had the opportunity to observe new hairdressing techniques. They showed me many new things, including hair modeling, hair cutting, and permanent hair treatment. There was a good atmosphere at the salon and the boss always helped me with everything. I wish I had spent more time working than observing, but I know you cannot have everything at once. I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and use mine learned at school. Despite the language barrier, I do not think communication was a problem.



Project Details

Project Title: Szkoła-zawód-sukces: czyli jak efektywnie odnaleźć się na rynku pracy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048400
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Radom

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Hairdresser, laboratory